Second Trimester

I’m officially in my second trimester!

No, I’m not pregnant.  Got your attention, though didn’t it?  I’m referring to the weight loss goals I posted back in April.  I said I wanted to lose somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 pounds plus or minus (depending on my bodyfat and fitness level, mostly).

To make things easier, I broke that amount into three goals of 50 pounds each (with the last being fudgeable).  I achieved the first goal in April, having lost 51.4 pounds.  I’m now at a 59.8 pound loss (so close to 60 lbs I can taste it!), and super excited about it.  Thus, well into my second trimester.

Since I started that second trimester a couple of months ago, so you may be wondering why I’m so flippin’ excited!  It has finally sunk into my brain that I have LESS THAN 100 pounds to go.


I use Calorie Count to log my foods, activity level and weight.  When I entered my new weight, I noticed that the status bar for the first time said 96.6 lbs to go!  I had been so used to seeing a three digit number–100+ lbs–for so long and it seemed like I would never break that threshold.  Well, I finally did.

It seems cliche, but I felt like I was hit with a ton of bricks.  Only in a good way!  I think I had a lot of negative associations associated with the number 100, and I didn’t even realize it.  Subconsciously, I think I felt that if I needed to lose over 100 lbs, I must be a huge loser.  Emphasis on the huge part.  It’s funny how we tear ourselves down and are our own worst critics.  Well, not funny.  Not really.

So with the removal of that mental barrier, I eagerly anticipate flying by the next goal. It’s all smooth sailing from here!

By the way, I was just perusing some of my old posts and I found one that tickled the heck out of me.  My December 5th post, I blogged that I walked 4.25 miles, the most I had walked in over two years!  That was less than seven months ago.  This month I’ve walked 10+ miles three times, 13+ miles twice and 15.71 miles once, even.  It’s amazing.  Now 4.25 miles just seems like a short jaunt.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Second Trimester

  1. This is so awesome Holly! You are rocking this, booyah!!
    I’m so excited for you and I admire what you have ALREADY done!
    I know what you mean though, about looking at what you had done in the past as far as how much you had walked and thinking, “huh? I used to think that was a long walk?” And now you are doing all that plus 10! Woop woop woopee!!! (that’s what my dad would say and I’ve taken it on now as my own expression.
    Anyway, glad you posted this. It’s an inspiration.

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