Talking Kidney Productions

Micah at the hospital back in May. Hopefully he won’t have to be admitted again until he’s ready for a transplant!

Hey, everybody!  I am extremely excited and proud to announce that my husband and I have spawned.  Yes, our offspring include a brand new bouncing baby facebook page called Talking Kidney Productions.   The Talking Kidney Productions page will be used to keep track of ongoing developments with our filming and documentary efforts.  Drop by, “like” it and share it with everybody!

The other spawn is something that took quite a bit of work, a few tears and quite a bit of nervous-nelly freakout episodes.  As some of you may know, I hate asking for money.  I’m one of those people who is fiercely independent and wants to be able to do everything myself.  But the truth is, independent filmmaking is all about asking for money.  So I’d better get used to it, since this is what I’m passionate about.

Yes, you probably guessed it, our second love’s labor is a RocketHub campaign.  Please go there and check it out.  Share the link with all of your friends and encourage them to donate!


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