July 2nd FFU*

*FFU=Friday Follow Ups.  Friday Follow Ups are the blog entries I post on Friday to let y’all know how my Portland Walkabout is coming along, where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.  Each week it’s somewhere new and I observe interesting things!

Monday’s Highlights-

Ayup. Step back, or you might get hurt.

I am having a senior moment.  And I’m only 41 goshdarnit!  The post I wrote for Saturday may very well happened on Monday.  And Monday’s post happened on Saturday.  But I’m not sure.  My brain is still fried from the transplant thing, and from meeting with NW Kidney Kids charity and with planning for our documentary, plus trying to figure out the transplant stuff and… Wait, I already said the transplant thing.  See?  See?  I’m totally brain fried!

Ugh.  Let’s see.  I know I have the mileage right for the two days, because I typed those into my excel spreadsheet based off of what my pedometer said.  But it’s the PLACES I walked that are fuzzy.  Did I walk up and down Stark on Saturday or Monday? Did it rain Saturday or Monday?  Gaaarghh!  I don’t remember.

Sigh.  For argument’s sake, we’ll say I got it right the first time around.  Now if you can find the weather report for Monday and Saturday this week for Portland and it says it rained on Monday, not Saturday, I don’t want to hear it, ‘k?  We’ll just stick with my version.

Another longer walk with the dog today.  This makes two days in a row.  I was watching Dante closely to see if he had any ill effects, and so far, he seems fine!  Good boy.  He’s getting nice and trim from our walking efforts, too.  I’m not the only one getting more trim.  🙂

So my senior moment has completely erased some of the files in my brain.  You know that message you get on the internet when you click on a link that says “404 not found”.  Well, that’s my brain with this particular memory.

I *think* I walked around the neighborhood on the north side of Glisan.  But I can’t be sure.

Anyhoo, I do know from my walking log and pedometer that I walked 5.9 miles that day!

If those memory files are ever recovered *ahem* (if I ever remember, I mean), I’ll be sure to update the post with the CORRECT version of the events.  😉


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