July 3rd to July 5th FFU* Whoo! Independence Day!

*FFU=Friday Follow Ups.  Friday Follow Ups are the blog entries I post on Friday to let y’all know how my Portland Walkabout is coming along, where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.  Each week it’s somewhere new and I observe interesting things!

Tuesday’s Highlights-

I did some walking around and shopping, doing errands, taking the dog for a walk, etc.  But most of the evening was spent with my kiddos.  I took them to Taco Hell, since $10 can feed all three of us, even if it is kinda horrible for us food.  It’s a nice treat and David is out of town most of the time, so I wanted to have a nice time with him and Willow.  After we did that, we went to one of those movie kiosk machine-a-majigs where it spits out movies at you for super cheap.  We rented Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Hugo.

This should give you a brief hint as to why I was covering my face and peeking and screaming.

I had no desire to see the next installment in the M.I. franchise, but David wanted to see it, so we did.  I’m sad to report I actually enjoyed the movie.  Three words why.  The Dubai Scene.  No, Tom Cruise’s acting still sucked and the plot was convoluted and I can’t say that I ever really followed it.  But I say I enjoyed it because it managed to trip the fear triggers in me with the stunts they did.  Logically I know that Tommy boy is in harnesses and the stunts are all carefully coordinated and it isn’t “real”, but upon seeing the movie, the visual effects make me go:  “OMG!  COVER MY EYES! AAAAAUUUGGGGHH! OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO! HE’S GONNA DIE IN A GIANT BIG SPLAT! !”   Which wouldn’t be a huge loss to humanity, but I have to say watching that kind of thing gives me the squeamies.  My daughter was getting a huge kick out of my reactions, as I was alternatively covering my eyes with a pillow, watching, screaming, covering my eyes, and so on.  So yeah.  I enjoyed M.I. Whatever-the-Number.  It’s the same concept behind people enjoying roller coaster rides.  Or horror movies, for that matter.  The thrill of the danger (that isn’t really there).

Anyhow, I did get *some* walking in, but not much.  Tuesday I walked 3.21 miles.

Wednesday’s Highlights–

The Fourth of July!  Whoot whoot!  I must say I was a sap and bought some crappy fireworks.  When I say I got suckered into buying some crappy fireworks, I am not saying it to be bah-humbug.  My whoot whoot should have given you the hint that I actually ENJOY fireworks.  No, the fireworks were crappy because they ended up being of very poor quality.  The sparklers kept having to be re-lit.  And the whirligig flower sparking thingies were complete duds.  In a box of 30, I think only a third of them worked properly.  I was pretty ticked.  If you spend money on a product, you kind of want it to work properly, no?

This is NOT what my fireworks looked like. Though it would have been nice.

Where we live, there is a hill across the street.  After we were done with our teensy little fireworks display, we trotted over across the street and climbed up the hill and sat on the balcony ledge under a statue of Jesus (it’s a Christian old folks hospital/elder care facility/whatever you call it) and watched the fireworks in the neighborhood.  Some folks a few blocks to the north west of us and some to the northeast (within ten blocks or so was my guess) were setting off those rockets that go up into the air and explode into thousands of little colored sparks.  Like the professional ones at the shows.  It was fun to watch.  After it looked like they ran out of them we went back inside and watched the second Ghost Rider movie.  (What is it with Hollywood continuing to hire Tom Cruise and Nick Cage?  I don’t get it.)

So because it was a holiday and we got a bit of  late start, I didn’t get in as much walking as I would have liked.  I’ve GOT to do better!

Wednesday I walked 2.0 miles.

Thursday’s Highlights-

Another busy day.  Got in a bit of walking and worked out hard at the gym, too!  Mostly happy about the work I got done on the computer, though.  That was intense.

Most of my walking was around the neighborhoods around Safeway on Hawthorne, where I like to stop and use their wifi.  It was a gorgeous day!  Oh man, such beautiful weather.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.  And we’ve got more of those coming up, too.  I think I’m going to have to do a half marathon again this weekend!

Thursday I walked 5.29 miles.


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