June 29th to July 1st Friday Follow Up

Friday Follow Ups are the blog posts I write on Friday to let y’all know how my Portland Walkabout is coming along, where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.  Each week it’s somewhere new and I observe interesting things!

For my new readers, just a quick explanation of what my Portland Walkabout is.  I’m trying to walk 2000 miles around Portland before the end of the year.  Why?  Firstly, it is good training exercise because I am trying to get ready to walk across America.  Secondly, I’m trying to get people to know about the National Kidney Foundation and their wonderful programs, plus help educate folks about kidney disease and dialysis, since my husband is on dialysis and hoping to get a kidney transplant himself.  See my husband and my RocketHub campaign for the documentary we’re trying to produce about his struggles.

So, now that you know what’s what (or I’ve given you a reminder, if you’re a regular follower of my blog), let me get on with my post!

Friday’s Highlights-

Usually I try to keep on top of my posts during the week so I don’t have to try to whip something up on the day before, but I must confess this week I’ve been pretty busy with paying bills, errands, shopping, celebrating Independence Day, trying to get our RocketHub campaign off the ground, and whatnot.  So I haven’t walked as much and I haven’t had as much time for blogging.

It’s a shame, really.  The 29th my son came home from Job Corps and it was so nice to have him home.  He’ll be with us for the next three weeks for summer vacation and then it’s back to the grindstone for him.  Of course the minute he gets home we must pick his brains.  I think he likes it, because it is the most talking we ever get out of him!

I did take my dog Dante for a nice long walk.  He is always happy to get out and go for walks with me.  He’s such a sweetie, really!  We walked in loops around the blocks around our neighborhood mostly.

Friday I walked 3.42 miles.

Saturday’s Highlights-

Friday we worked out, so Saturday I was a bit sore.  Micah had a bit of a hard time toward the end of the workout.  Usually, he goes on the same day he is going to dialysis (except Saturdays, which are extra days and so give him more time to recover), because the day AFTER he goes to dialysis, he is pretty out of it physically.  He can’t do much or else he gets dizzy or sick.  He tires very quicky.  But he thought he would try it for once and he did okay until the end.  He ended up having to go out to the car and wait for me until I was finished.  Poor guy.

Anyway, because of that, I think he was still a bit out of sorts for Saturday’s workout.  So I left him at home and decided to go for a bit of a longer walk.

Saturday I went for a real nice one!  I walked up Stark, cut over to Glisan on 39th, then back to Stark up to 45th, over to Glisan and back to Stark, and then up 47th to Glisan and back, and so on.  Coming home, I walked from Stark to Belmont along 41st, Peacock Lane, and so on.

It was really nice, except for the weather.  The weather couldn’t decide if it was going to be drizzly or dry, so I got a bit of both.  However, it was so humid, that I was soaked through from sweat before I ever decided to give up on my umbrella and jacket.

I think it is the extra layers of body fat, because I am extremely susceptible to heat, especially wet heat.  Steam rooms and saunas and I do NOT get along.  I get sick within a very short order.  They make me want to puke.   Dry heat I can handle much better, but you will still find me stripping down to nothingness in 100+ degree weather, modesty be damned.

Anyway, temperature wise, it wasn’t really hot out.  But the humidity combined with my blood pumping from my exercise increasing my body heat made it so that I was soon dripping from the sweat.  Bleck.  And because I was hot, I took off the jacket and gave up on the umbrella, because the rain helped cool me off and it felt nice.  I arrived home soaked from sweat and rain, but pleased with myself for getting as many miles in as I did in humid conditions.

Saturday I walked 7.1 miles.

Sunday’s Highlights-

Sunday I walked with Micah to dialysis again and decided I would take a different route up Broadway and swing over and down Glisan from about 47th.  I didn’t get to go that far, since my dad called while I was out and said that he had to go out soon and he didn’t want to leave Willow at home alone (understandably).  So I cut my planned walk shorter, but still got some nice mileage in.

The amazing thing is, I managed to cram this walk in even AFTER working feverishly on my computer all morning on the RocketHub campaign for the documentary Micah and I are working on.  Yep, I gave birth to it just that morning, and here I was just a couple of hours later, walking my butt off.  It was a busy busy day!!

Dante dog got in the longest walk I think he’s done yet, with no ill effects, so I was quite pleased with that.  I’ve been babying him ever since that lameness episode months ago and we’ve increased his mileage super super slowly.  Honestly, I should pay as much attention to my own body’s warning signs as I do for him, but there you go.

Sunday I walked 7.15 miles.

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