NW Kidney Kids Documentary

Last week I mentioned briefly a meeting that Micah and I and sat in on.  Stumptown Movie Makers, of which we are a part of and I am one of the co-organizers, was invited by NW Kidney Kids to create a documentary about the NW Kidney Kids Kidney Camp.

It all came about because Micah and I were filming his participation in the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk last month.  Larry McFarling, who is the organizer for Stumptown Movie Makers, had volunteered to do camera work for us.  Reps from NW Kidney Kids approached him while he was filming and asked about the possibility of doing a short little documentary for them.  Something that explained what the camp is and what it does, as well as something that highlights the kids themselves and what their struggles are.  So he said, “Of course we’re interested!”

We’ve since gotten some other volunteers and plan to film the documentary July 25th-29th, during their camp this year.

What is NW Kidney Kids and the Kidney Camp?  Straight from the NW Kidney Kids’ website:

To offer hope and support to children with chronic kidney disease and their families.  We provide educational programs and group activities that empower Kidney Kids to take charge of their health, embrace their future, and achieve lifelong success.

This camp is a place where kids with chronic kidney disease can be normal kids–they are surrounded by their peers and their families and everyone there understands what they are going through.  They get to have fun, do the kinds of things kids do at camp–rafting, arts and crafts, sporting activities, campfire songs, and so on.  But the camp is geared for kids who have kidney problems, so it serves delicious food the kids can actually eat, transports kids who need it to dialysis, and offers programs and classes for kids and their families to help educate and empower them.  Many families go to the kidney camp as their main vacation for the year, since for the rest of the year they are pretty much tethered close to home.  Best of all, according to the website, “Kidney Camp is FREE for pediatric end-stage renal patients and their families.”

Micah and I are excited to be involved helping NW Kidney Kids get the word out about what they are doing.  Willow is excited, too, because they invited her to participate with the other campers, as well.  I look forward to directing this documentary that the folks from Stumptown Movie Makers are producing!  It will be wonderful experience, and a great way to make more friends and connect with other families whose lives have been touched by chronic kidney disease.  We may even be able to supplement the documentary Micah and I are working on with footage we get from the camp (provided they give us permission, of course).  NW Kidney Kids is excited to have somebody doing a film for them, too.  So it’s great for everyone all around!

NW Kidney Kids is doing a really great thing.  Check them out!


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