Forest Park Half Marathon, Here I Come!

This is the photo that was in my welcome email. Squee! Can you tell I’m excited?

Whee!  I’m officially registered for the Forest Park Half Marathon.  It takes place September 22nd this year and it’s a trail run and walk.  I’m so excited!  I’ve never gotten to participate in a REAL marathon or half marathon event before!  Thanks so much to Bethany Jo Lee of Project Whitespace for enabling me to make it happen!  You, my dear lady, are a wonderful human being.  🙂

It’s 13.1 miles of up and down and around Forest Park on hilly trails and I’ve never done a major trail walk (well, I’ve walked up to 5 1/2 miles on trails, but never anything this long on uneven terrain).  I’ve only walked long distances on the street.  So this will be especially hard on my hips, knees, ankles–heck, I suspect my joints will be cursing me for days after!  But it will be worth it.  And it will be fun!  I love hiking in Forest Park.  I love to go salmon berry picking there.  My daughter and I like to go there at least once a year to do that.  We will be doing it again this year, too.  I’ll be sure to take the route map along with me to scope out where we’ll be walking.

Bwa ha ha ha! I’ve got intel! *cue Mission Impossible theme music* Must go practice my mission…

Never mind me…I’m going off to do a happy dance now.


6 thoughts on “Forest Park Half Marathon, Here I Come!

  1. This is awesome! Sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun, and looks like a great course. Consider me officially jealous. 😉

  2. Holly, I did a walk in another park recently and was totally surprised that all the berries were already ripe. It is like Mother Nature thinks we are going to get winter early and so she needs to get the fruits out there now. So you might want to check a bit earlier than usual for berry picking. Oh, and you go girl on the 1/2 marathon. good for you!

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