July 6th Friday Follow Up

Hey, all.  It’s that time of the week again.  Time for my Friday follow ups, where I blog about my progress on my Portland walkabouts–where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, how far I’ve gone, etc.

The last couple of weeks, I haven’t posted pictures because my camera broke.  Well, I finally ordered a new camera, but while I am waiting for it to come in the mail, I  realized that I could take short little videos with my flip video camera and then upload them and take snapshots from those videos.  It’s a lot of effort to get a few photos, but you guys deserve it, so I did.  Well, I did a couple of days this week, anyway.  Some of the days I actually walked nights or forgot to bring it along.  :0)

Friday’s Highlights-

So Friday I did a nice meandering walk on my way to the gym.  It was fun, and since I actually remembered to take my little flip video camera, I got some pictures, too!

There are a few things that stood out for me along the walk on Friday.  First, a wine merchant near Hawthorne is pretty darn relaxed.   For some reason, when I think of wine people (as in people who like to drink wine the way I like to enjoy my Guinness), I tend to think of people who are rich and uptight.  I don’t know why, I just do.  Maybe it’s because wine is so frickin’ expensive.  I mean, who drinks a different wine with each course?  And who has multiple courses?  In our house, if it doesn’t all fit into one bowl/plate and can’t be cooked in one pot, it often doesn’t get cooked.  When I use multiple pots/pans to make a dinner, we are eating fancy.

Anyway, at this wine shop, the evidence is that the people at this shop have wonderful senses of humor.  There were little doodles taped to the window all over that somebody had drawn and were so cute and funny.  But the following really got my attention:

The first panel

And the second panel.

And there were a few other fun things on this walk.  I passed by a volkswagon bug that is positioned so that it looks like it is bursting out of somebody’s porch (in reality, only the front half of the bug is on the lawn).  I’ve passed by this bug for many years and have always wanted to get a picture of it.  I finally got some!  And I made friends with a couple of kitties and saw a pretty butterfly.  Check out my photo gallery below to see more fun stuff.

Friday I walked 8.23 miles.


2 thoughts on “July 6th Friday Follow Up

    • Thanks! I still have to finish up last week’s posts, because Friday my internet went pppbbtthbt. So I had to get a new wifi device and try to get it started and deal with all sorts of stuff. Now that I seem to be on okay, though, I can finish it up!

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