Inpirational Blogger Award

Thanks to Bethany Jo Lee of the blog Project Whitespace for nominating me!

So I’ve been nominated for the Inspiring Blog Award from a blogger that I like and respect very much.

Bethany says that I inspire her.  That is a huge complement coming from her!  She is an intelligent, funny and inspiring person in her own right.  And her faith in me and my dreams helps inspire me!  It’s people like her that I remember when I feel discouraged.  Their faith helps me through hard times.  Now that I have a cheerleader like her, I don’t want to let her down!

So I looked up what is involved with an inspiring blogger award, and I learned that it has three rules:

1) Name the blogger that nominated you.  Bethany of Project Whitespace.  Check.

2) List seven things about yourself most people don’t know.  Check.

  • I don’t like melons.  I haven’t tried one yet that I like.  That includes watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew, and all the rest.  Bleck.  That reminds me–I don’t much like most foods having to do with summer picnics.  I don’t like baked beans.  Or coleslaw.  Or potato salad.  Or macaroni salad.  Or barbecue sauce.  I have been accused of being downright un-American.  I do, however, enjoy summer picnics.  I still enjoy fried chicken, hamburgers, bratwurst and other dogs.  I enjoy grilled corn on the cob and other grilled veggies, corn bread, and pie, among other things.  So I’m not entirely un-American.
  • I am an obsessive organizer.  Now, by that I don’t mean I’ve got OCD and must constantly clean and organize things.  No, my desk, my closet, my drawers, the shelves, the kitchen, and so on–all of that starts out nice and organized and eventually falls into chaos and anarchy.  At some point, when I realize that I can’t stand another minute of the mess or if I get an epiphany about how something could be better organized, I go into organizational overdrive.  That is when it becomes obsessive.  I cannot stop an organizational/cleaning jaunt until it is done or until I pass out from exhaustion.  Meals, appointments, life, what-have-you–that all passes by the wayside.  I get so zoned in on what I’m doing that I completely forget what hunger is.  I swear, I think I even pee less.  It’s crazy obsessive.  My husband has learned to leave me alone when I’m on these organizational tasks, because he’s had to regrow his head after I bit it off.  Well, for the most part.  Sometimes he still forgets.
  • Micah says I should mention that I don’t like my neck to be chewed on or tickled.  My husband has a goatee and his whiskers TICKLE to the nth degree.  It drives me to distraction!  When my hubby tries to sneak a nibble, I hunch up my shoulders and tuck my chin down, until my head and shoulders resemble a turtle.
  • Favorite movies include:  My Name is Totoro!, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, Seven Samurai, Roshomon, Little Miss Sunshine, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (all three of that series of spaghetti westerns, actually), The Princess Bride, Willow, Despicable Me, Up,  and most of the movies from Pixar, The Shootist, Yojimbo, Casablanca, Fargo, and many others.  Akira Kirosawa, the Coen Brothers and Sergio Leone are three of my favorite directors.
  • I break into the mahna mahna song from the Muppet Show frequently.  It really helps pass the time!  In fact, when one of my driver trainers (back when I was a truck driver and learning the ropes on a new job) and I were driving down the road, he started singing “Do doo do do do” to himself and at the appropriate place, I punctuated it with a “mahna mahna” and he was tickled that I new that ditty.  For the next twenty minutes or so, we sang mahna mahna.
  • I don’t drink hot drinks unless I’ve been out in the snow, or otherwise really freezing, which is pretty rare.  I do like hot cocoa and hot cider, but I rarely drink them.  Hot coffee?  Never.  I can’t stand the bitterness in hot coffee.  Occasionally, if I really am jonesing for caffeine, I’ll have an iced coffee.  But to overcome the bitterness, it has to taste more like dessert.  I’m a coffee wuss.
  • I’m also a recovering cola-holic.  My cola of choice was diet Pepsi.  I could drink two to three two liter bottles in a day, easily.  I tried to quit many times and finally in 2005 I finally kicked the habit.  Now I won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.  Yuck.  My taste buds have changed.  If I take a sip of any kind of cola (and I have–usually because I mistakenly pick up somebody else’s drink), it completely grosses me out.

3) Nominate up to 15 more blogs for the honor of being very inspirational!  Check.

This is the tough one.  I follow a number of blogs.  Let’s see….In no particular order, I nominate:

Okay, so that’s more than fifteen nominees.  So what?  These are all blogs that I read with any kind of regularity.  And since with my last award I wrote about the ones that were all related to crossing America, I figured I would treat you with blogs that I read that aren’t.  Well, Adventure Awaits is about Kelly Wells, aka Amaranth, who crossed America on foot, but I put her in here anyway because she is still blogging, but mostly about life in general now and she is still funny and still inspiring to me.

Each of these blogs inspires me for different reasons.  Many of them are humorous blogs, and humor lifts me up.  Some are reminiscing sort of blogs, and it inspires me to reminisce about my own life and helps me bring back my own memories.  Some have themes, some don’t. I would add Project Whitspace to the list, but since Bethany nominated me, I can’t add her.  Or can I?  I know you’ll be reading her blog after all the linkies I put in this post.  Bwa ha ha ha!

Thanks, Bethany, for the nod!

4 thoughts on “Inpirational Blogger Award

  1. Congrats on your award and thanks for the nod!

    I love Princess Bride! And I can’t touch soda anymore either, it tastes like battery acid to me now. But I love any hot beverage, I drink coffee/tea all day long.

  2. Double congrats and thanks for the shout-out! The kids lost our Princess Bride DVD on a road trip. Huge bummer for me but I saw it at Walmart for $5 and am headed there now for a replacement copy….

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