July 7th to 10th Friday Follow Up

Well, technically this Friday Follow Up should have happened LAST Friday, but my internet went kaput while I was trying to work on my blog.  I spent much time trying to rectify that, and by the time I had, Friday had finished and I was waaaay past deadline.  So…sorry about that and here are my catch-up posts.

Saturday’s Highlights-

Um….Gosh.  That happened twelve days ago.  You don’t actually expect me to remember, do you?  Crap.  I should have taken notes.  I don’t test well.   Well, I do, but that’s when I study for it and I didn’t study because I didn’t know I was going to be tested.  *sneaking a look back at my spreadsheet where I keep my mileage*  Um…

I did NOT remember to take my camera with me.  That I know.  And I didn’t go far.   I think most of my walking involved taking the dog out.

According to my spreadsheet, I walked a total of 1.78 miles.

Sunday’s Highlights-

Dang, you people are relentless about this testing thing, aren’t you?  I believe I walked mostly in the evening this night, up and between Stark and Glisan, if I remember correctly.

Sunday the 8th I walked a total of 5.3 miles.

Monday’s Highlights-

Another slow day.  No pics, unfortunately.  I’ve been having too many of those slow days lately.

I walked 1.89 miles.

Tuesday’s Highlights-

Well, okay.  I’m going to much better on this test question, because I actually have notes.  That is, I took a shit-ton of videos with my little flip camera, which I then did the painstaking work of pulling snapshots out of and creating a nice little photo album.

I walked with my husband to his dialysis appointment on Tuesday night.  After that, I walked around the neighborhood and checked out some things I had seen before, as well as ventured into some new territory.

I don’t know if you remember the post I did on May 29th, but I took some pics of a stone sculpture/alter that seemed to me a community art project?  I talked with the owner of the property, and he said it is constantly evolving.  And since I knew I was  going to be walking close to there anyway, I deliberately detoured to go by the house so I could see if the property had changed.  Boy had it!

These rock sculptures in the foreground are new. The sun bestows his beautiful rays on his favorite.

These reminded me of mini-Stonehenge type formations.

This is the largest sculpture in the group. It’s the size of a small car, easily.

I also found a passage from the Declaration of Independence scrawled on the sidewalk on this same property.  I took a shaky video of it (no tripod and I was walking, so it is what it is, lol).  See it here.  It seemed like a good thing to have written; it is July, the month we celebrate our country’s independence, after all!

Poetry reigns in this neighborhood, as well.  I found yet another poetry station.

And this was the highlighted poem of the day. I wonder how often they change it?

As for new sights, I’m pleased to say I’ve found even older sidewalks than the 1904 built sidewalk that I found before.  I’m always keeping my eyes open for older date stamps.

Sidewalk poured in 1903. I can’t wait to find one from the 19th century. I hope I can!

The following doggone cracked me up!

I took tons of photos, so I think I’ll go ahead and put them in a nice little gallery below for y’all to enjoy.

Tuesday I walked 5.75 miles.


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