July 11th to 16th Friday Follow Ups

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m behind on my Friday Follow Up posts.  The 7th through the 12th should have been posted about on Friday the 13th (oooh, insert Twilight Zone-type music here–I said Friday the 13th!), but my computer wifi decided to be pukey and get an attitude and refuse to work.

I’m finally getting around to them and have discovered that my brain is now acting pukey and refusing to work.  If I manage to take photos on a day, it helps me remember where I’ve been and I can recall the walk fairly easily.  No photos, and my brain shuts down without the prompts, especially the farther away we get from the date in question.  So I apologize for any memory holes.  I’m getting old and have to have lists and notes stapled to my forehead or else I don’t remember a thing.

Wednesday’s Highlights-

Let’s see.  This was a short day, and as I recall it was mostly walking the dog around the neighborhood.

I walked 2.05 miles.

Thursday’s Highlights-

I walked some in the morning, taking the dog out for a walk and walking to Safeway.  But the bulk of my walking this day I remember pretty well, even though it was at night so I couldn’t take decent pictures.  The reason I remember it is because it was the longest I had walked in a while and it was also the farthest I’ve taken my dog at one time.   was also an idiot and forgot to bring water with us.  So my poor dog started to get dehydrated and sick, despite the fact it was after midnight.  I had to find a gas station with a guy willing to give me a cup so I could get him some water and hydrate him STAT.  I think it didn’t occur to me to grab the water like I usually do because it was late and it was fairly cool out.  I actually felt it necessary to wear a jacket, which is the first time I’ve needed to wear it in a while.  So I didn’t think about water.  Idiot, idiot, idiot!  I felt sooo bad for my dog.  Poor baby.  I actually could have used some water, too, but I could have been okay for a while longer.

The cool thing about this walk is that I started pretty late–10:30-ish pm–and walked past midnight to the wee hours of the morning.  So some of my mileage on my pedometer was logged for Wednesday on that walk, and some was logged on Thursday.  So I broke it up accordingly.  But I think that walk was close to ten miles total.

But Thursday’s walking total was 8.28 miles.

Friday’s Highlights-

Walking the neighborhood near my house for my dog and mostly what was leftover from my early morning walk).  Drat that pesky dog.  He always needs to go out.  Which is probably good, because it is an excuse to get out and stretch the ol’ legs.

Part of the reason I walked so dang late on Thursday is because I made the mistake of having an energy drink on Thursday afternoon.  I was UP.  I walked really late and ended up staying up til 4 am on Friday morning, which totally funked up my schedule.

But I have to say, despite funked up schedule, I really, really liked walking that late.  The temperature was perfect for walking, the streets were quieter, with less traffic, and I got to listen to the sounds of music (and drunks) come from the various bars I passed.  The city is mostly sleeping, though, and I enjoy the sense of alone-ness.

Some of the side streets were darker and the going much tougher, since I had to be more careful about foot placement so I didn’t accidentally trip on some upturned sidewalk crack that I didn’t see in the dark.  But I found that if I took the more commonly used streets, they were very well lit and I didn’t have problems.  I did have to watch out more for broken glass, though.  On the busy streets there seemed to be more broken glass and I didn’t want my dog’s paws to get cut up.

The only thing I didn’t like about walking that late is that I didn’t get to enjoy the sights as much.  No picture taking because of it, and that is a very big thing that I enjoy.  But it was fun to be able to utilize my other senses more in the dark, even if I probably won’t be walking that late again anytime soon.

Friday I walked 4.97 miles.

Saturday’s and Sunday’s Highlights-

Friday and Saturday I was working madly to fix my wifi.  Also on Saturday, I got a replacement cord for my Sony DSC-H9 camera, which I had reported as being broken in a post a few weeks back.  My camera wouldn’t transfer the images it took onto the computer.  I thought it was an issue with the camera, based on the messages I was getting.  Well, it occurred to me that before I completely gave up on it, I should spend a couple of dineros on a new cord for it and see if maybe it was actually the USB cable connector.  So I picked one up on ebay for super cheap–$1.75, with free shipping–and had it shipped.  I tried it out.

Test picture #1. Note the box in the bottom of the frame. That’s for my wifi device! 🙂

Eureka!  It worked!  Looks like I could have saved myself $51 and not gotten that camera that was being shipped to me as I tested this successfully.  Grr.  Oh well.  My Sony is truly on the way out.  It makes a grinding noise when I use the zoom, which can’t be a good thing. And the flash is finicky, working sometimes and not others, even when I have it set to always on.  For a while, the flash wasn’t even working at all!  And I get the occasional error message, too.  But what do I expect?  I’ve had it since 2008 and I bought it used.  It is waaaaay past warrantee, I took it on a strenuous trip in 2009 and I’ve even had it repaired once already.  So I’ve really gotten my money’s worth out of it.  So I’m actually glad that I’m getting another camera as a backup.

Anyhoo, the weekend was an electronics fix-it time for me filled with computer backups, wifi installation, camera fun, and more.  I didn’t get a lot of walking in, unfortunately.

Saturday I walked 1.89 miles and Sunday I walked 2.82 miles.

Monday’s Highlights-

Micah has switched his dialysis schedule.  This is a big deal, because he was on nocturnal sessions, which meant he was attached to the damn machine for 8 hours at a time.  He got very little sleep because the clinic just isn’t conducive for that.  And he ended up sleeping most of the mornings away on Monday, Wednesday and Friday when he would get home.  It really did a doozy to him.  The big advantage to nocturnal visits, though is that it does a better job of cleaning the blood and does it at a slower pace so that the patient doesn’t suffer as much.  Quickly drawing out so much fluid from somebody’s body can give them horrible cramps in their legs an elsewhere.

Anyway, his schedule has been changed to 4:30 to 9:30 am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  He is giddy over the change, he hates nocturnal so bad. So this Monday was the first Monday he got to experience this change in routine.

I decided to walk to the clinic to “pick him up”.  More like I was walking there to meet up with him and walk him home.  He looked pretty chipper and happy to be  on the new schedule.  I forgot to bring my camera with me, drat it, or else I would have been photographing the event!

I also took a nice walk later that evening when I walked the dog.  It was mostly out the Hawthorne and Division area.  This walk was similar to my one the week before in the evening, just not as late, or as far!!  I didn’t want my dog to get sick and I was being uber paranoid.

Monday I walked 6.92 miles.


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