July 17th FFU* & My New Camera Arrives!

FFU*=Friday Follow Up   So it’s that time again for my FFUs.  Join me today to see me write about where I’ve been and what I’ve done for my walkabout for the last week and hopefully enjoy some pictures, too!

Tuesday’s Highlights-

Whee!  My new little point and shoot camera came!  I was playing with my camera all morning and testing the features.

Micah the pirate. Hmm. Maybe not. My artwork makes him look like a cross between a yodeler, a cowboy and a pirate.

It has all sorts of cool settings.  My favorite is the drawing pad, as you can see from the above doctored photo.  When I bought the camera (and I did read the review and read the stats), I had no idea that it had this function.  I must say, if for no other reason, I love the camera for this.

And then in the midst of my camera fun, we realized a very big Not Wheee.  Micah had to go to the hospital.  I wrote about it in this post.  Ugh.

So I spent much of the day at the hospital with him and continued to test out the camera’s features and it’s video. It took decent video, but when I uploaded it, the sound didn’t come with it.  I still have to figure out why that is and what I can do to get it to work.  Micah wanted me to upload a video of him in the hospital onto our Talking Kidney’s facebook page, but until I figure out what I did wrong, it will have to wait.

I finally left Micah at the hospital sometime close to 8pm, I think.  I decided to go up to Mt. Tabor Park since there was supposed to be a concert up there and it would be fun and get my mind off my troubles.  Well, traffic was awful and parking was worse.  So I parked low down on the mountain and walked up to the park, missed the concert and ended up traipsing around on its trails instead.  Which ended up having the desired effect for me in the end anyway, since walking always seems to make me happy.

Check out the pics below in the gallery to see what my little point and shoot camera can do!

Tuesday I walked 4.03 miles.


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