July 18th and 19th FFU*

*FFU=Friday Follow Up   So it’s that time again for my FFUs.  Join me today to see me write about where I’ve been and what I’ve done for my walkabout for the last week.

Wednesday’s Highlights-

Wednesday was incredibly stressful as we tried to figure out if Micah was having heart troubles or blood clots or what.  So I put my mind off it by catching up on my blogging activity.  Not just blogging, but also reading other people’s blogs.  I got rather behind, since I’ve been busy with other things.  It’s important to maintain relationships with other bloggers, because they can be really helpful and sometimes even become friends.  I like to help them when I can, too.  So I did some catching up.

I didn’t walk much this day.  Most of it was around the hospital and for a night time walk with Dante.

Not too bad for a night shot.

But at least Micah got to come home!

Wednesday I walked 1.88 miles.

Thursday’s Highlights-

Thursday was a pretty busy day for me, with more catching up on the blogs, doing some writing, and trying to maintain my sanity despite deadlines and too much stress around me.  Micah didn’t sleep well, which meant I didn’t sleep well.  Thursday exhausted me.  But I did get some walking in at least, though most of it was in the evening.

I walked by the apartment that had the Pacman Lego figures again.  See my post of May 30th, to learn more about that.  And wouldn’t you know it, but the occupants put up a new display.  Instead of this:

I saw this:

And this:

Thursday I walked 6.12 miles.


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