Thirty Day Challenges-TED Talk

Thirty days to a new me! Or you, if you take the challenge!

I host another blog called Metamorphing Woman.  I’ve been so busy with my Holly’s Walk blog, that I haven’t really had time to pursue my other blog, unfortunately, and that makes me sad.  But as this blog here keeps expanding, I find I’m starting to cover some of the territory that I used to cover on that blog, so I’m thinking I may end up combining them.

One of the things I talked about on Metamorphing Woman was Thirty Day Challenges.  I stopped doing them, what with all the other things going on in my life, but I’m finding that my focus (as Bethany blogged about in Project Whitespace) is going out of focus and I find myself casting about a bit.  Thirty Day Challenges helped me focus in the past.  I think I’m going to start doing them again, because they were a terrific tool.

What are Thirty Day Challenges?  Well, for a more complete understanding, you can watch the TED Talk that I’ve got up on my other blog.  Just click the linky.  But in a nutshell, a Thirty Day Challenge (I capitalize it to give it more gravitas so I take it more seriously) is when you challenge yourself to do something every day for thirty days.  Then you do it.

It is best if the challenge is a small behavior, so that it is more easily accomplished.  Too big of a item can be very difficult to pull off. Like, for example, if you are a soda-holic, saying you are going to quit soda cold turkey for 30 days would be super difficult.  But to say, I’m going to cut out that soda I have every day with lunch would be much easier to pull off.  But then, if you are like me, you like to reach for the stars from the get go.

The neat thing about the Thirty Day Challenge is that they can start (or stop) behaviors that then become habits (or stops those bad habits).  For example, one of my thirty day challenges last year was to make my bed every morning.  I never used to, because it was a pain and to be honest, I was kinda lazy about it.  Well, now I find that if I don’t make the bed, it annoys me to no end until I make myself get up and do it, because it just doesn’t look right.

This is most definitely NOT my bed. Though it could have passed for it last year…

Thirty Day Challenges can be used to break up a giant goal into tinier, more achievable goals, too.  And this is where the focus thing comes in.  I need focus.  I need some structure.  Thirty Day Challenges can help give me that framework and discipline that I’m lacking.  If it’s a challenge, I tend to be stubborn enough and competitive enough with myself that I MUST do it.

To be most effective, you probably shouldn’t have more than a couple challenges in a month, since trying to juggle to many changes at once can be very hard.  But if you’re like me, you ignore that advice and go at it with gusto.

My Thirty Day Challenges for July:

1)  Get up no later than 8am to get an earlier crack at the day.  (Earlier is even better.)

Walking with my honey on Springwater Trail is always nice. Especially in the morning when it is cooler. 🙂

2)  Walk no less than two hours a day.  No less!  (When I give myself goals like this, I tend to go beyond them, so this challenge will make me want to push myself even further.)

I will challenge myself to NOT do this. Micah seems to be trying to give himself a matched pair of legs…

3)  Read 30 minutes a day–blogs don’t count.  We’re talking good, old fashioned books here.  (I had a reading goal before, and I really enjoyed it.  I ended up doing it for several months, then it got dropped by the wayside, unfortunately. I’ve missed my reading time. It was a longer goal, though, so that may be why it was dropped.  Thirty minutes is much more doable with my busy schedule.)

I could think of more, but that’s all I’m going to do for now.


4 thoughts on “Thirty Day Challenges-TED Talk

  1. I used to have separate blogs as well. I’m a little OCD when it comes to keeping everything organized and separate, but I found over time that it just didn’t work. So now I just blab about anything and everything in one space. Still not sure if that’s a good idea or not, but I’m sticking by the decision! lol

    I like the Thirty Day Challenge idea. It’s got the ring of a good game to it. I might have to jump in on this (if my ADD doesn’t distract me and I forget completely about it). Hmmm…might have to make up some Achievement Icons as bonus incentive to finish Challenges. You’ve given me some Ideas!

    • Cool! Glad to give you some ideas! I think your ADD will be fine, since you managed to walk across a flippin’ continent, which of course took several times more than 30 days, lol!

      Yeah, I think I’m going to have to break down and combine my other blog with this one, too. Or rather, just have this one. I have so much to say, and I feel constrained sometimes since I originally made this blog with the walking across America theme in mind–like I’m not allowed to post certain things, that I can ONLY post about X, Y and Z but not A, B and C. So that means re-vamping the site a bit to make it a little easier to navigate and so it makes more sense, if I’m going to start blogging about whatever and everything.

      Soooo….I guess my blog is evolving, and I suppose that’s just the natural order of things!

    • Oh, gosh, I really don’t know how many I’ve done. I did it for several months straight last year, with several item I was working on each month (I could never settle on one or two, lol) and I had a lot of fun with it. I do know by starting them, it helped me launch into the habits that have helped me with my weight loss, and I’ve lost 58 pounds so far. So, yeah, I guess it has helped a lot! Thanks for asking. 🙂

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