Re-Evaluating Goals

Me contemplating a reality that’s very, very unpleasant.

I mentioned in my last Friday Follow Up that because I have had so much going on, I have been missing out on walking as much as I want to–not to mention a week or so there that I was really in the doldrums, and my stupid hip problem that was making walking a literal pain–which really screws up my attempts to make my goal of walking 2000 miles.  On my Portland Walkabout log page, I figured it out:  after July’s poor performance, I will have to walk over 10 miles a day, EVERY day for the rest of this year.

Whoa.  I’m not so sure I can accomplish that.  That means I must walk for three and a half hours every day.  I’m not sure how well my hip can handle that, either.  I’ve still got too much weight on it, and that much walking every day without a break really hurts.  A couple of days per week–not so much.  My hip gets a chance to recover a bit.  But every day?  Ay yi.

So I’m staring at a goal that I’m realizing was set too high (well, maybe it wasn’t originally, maybe it was–I don’t know) and I’m having to face the prospect of changing that goal, something I’m loathe to do.  I HATE admitting defeat (or is that de-feet?).  I HATE giving up.  I’m stubborn.

But is it giving up to re-evaluate goals and fix them when we realize that a goal needs adjusting?  Is it better to make something more doable than to give up altogether?  It still feels like giving up to me.  Ugh.  I’m my own harshest critic.

I recently set my 30 day goal to walk a minimum of two hours a day.  I think if I had broken up my eight month goal of 2000 miles into 8 small goals, I might have had a better time of it, because I would have been able to manage those “smaller” goals more easily.  I like my Thirty Day Challenges and they inspire me  to work really hard.  I wish I had thought of it before.  It’s too late for that hindsight to help me with the overall big mileage number, but that it  is helping me now–with my latest 30 day goal, it has been helping me focus enough to walk an average of 6 miles a day.  That is still short of the 10 miles a day I need to make that overall goal of 2000 miles by a longshot, but it is very doable.

If I wasn’t so worried about my darn hip, I would go into overdrive and just walk four hours a day every day.  I’d make that 2000 mile goal no problem.  But I do need to worry about it.  Killing my hip and necessitating a hip replacement surgery would be stupid.  With that in mind, if I make a goal of 1500 miles to 2000 miles and give myself some flex room, it would be much more doable.  I still hate changing my overall goal, but I do know my limitations physically.  This way, as I lose more weight (and have less stress on my hip), I should be able to up my daily mileage output.

Ugh.  Re-evaluating goals and facing truths is a painful process all around.



8 thoughts on “Re-Evaluating Goals

  1. Holly, may I please offer my opinion on this subject? Ok, I will since you didn’t say no. 🙂
    Is walking 2000 miles by the end of the year your goal, or is it really just walking 2000 miles? Why not keep the first part of the goal, walking 2000 miles and just make it take longer? If you were walking across the U.S., and you realized you weren’t going to make it across in the amount of time you allotted, would you say, “ok, I’m going to walk only 1500 miles?” Or would you instead say, “ok, I’m going to finish this walk, even if it means I get to the end in October instead of september?” I have a feeling you would take the second option.
    Just because I can’t run a marathon in 3 hours doesn’t mean I’m only going to run 2/3rds of a marathon in order to make the 3 hour mark. Does that make sense?
    Your goal for 2000 miles was to sort of imitate the walking across America, right? Why not just stretch out the amount of time it takes you? If you do, you can use your 30 day challenge thing to separate it out into however many parts, and you can set another time limit–one that you are more likely to make this time, since you have the 30 day challenge thing going for you.
    I hope my 2 cents gives you a different perspective. I think it would be totally awesome if you recorded 2000 miles. Whether it took you all year or two years. 🙂
    I like the pic of you, by the way. You look totally serious.

  2. Absolutely you can reevaluate your goals. They serve you, you don’t serve them! I hear you about the hip issue. I am bothered by that as well and it limits the walking that I’ve always loved to do.

  3. I walk a lot and one of the things I do is take a lot of breaks especially when I know I’m going to doing upward of 30 miles. The othe thing I do sometimes is not set a goal and just walk until I get tired. If you walked a lot your body will let you know and you’ll feel good because you didn’t set yourself up for disappointment.

    • Thanks, Mario. I generally do just what you are talking about–though not 30 miles!! I break up my walks over the day (not always, but most of the time), especially since my walks quite often revolve around taking my German Shepherd out a couple times a day. When I’m going for distance, I walk as much as I’m comfortable–if I poop out or my hip is bothering me a lot, I cut it shorter rather than suffer more later.

      I’m mostly disappointed with my progress so far because I let outside influences interfere with my progress. I believe my goal was doable to begin with. But I didn’t keep it up for the reasons I mentioned and fell waaaaay behind. Thus my re-evaluating my goal.

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