Photo Gallery of My Longest Mileage Day

So I walked all over the place on Wednesday.  I broke the walk into three legs.  The first five mile leg was mostly from SE 39th through SE 42nd  meandering the streets (i.e. following around each and every block) from Belmont to Hawthorne.  Then I had to stop to go with my husband to a doctor appointment.

After that, I resumed walking.  The second leg of approximately 10 miles was mostly up from SE 60th down through 42nd and between Hawthorne and Belmont.  The upper portion of the walk was through very stately neighborhoods.   The lower I went, the more relaxed/hippiefied it got.  Gardens started popping up all over the place,  whimsical touches in people’s yards, art, and so on.  The third leg I did after dinner and it was dark by then.  I walked about five miles traipsing the busier streets in my neighborhood, since they are the best lit.

One thought on “Photo Gallery of My Longest Mileage Day

  1. ack! I thought I already commented on this one. I guess I was just thinking about this one so much I started feeling like I commented. haha!
    What I was thinking about this is wow!! I was surprised to hear this one because your mileage hadn’t been too high up there lately, if I’m remembering correctly. Maybe a little rest did you good?
    You and I both hit our 20 mile peaks about the same time. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

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