Site Tinkering Coming Up

Devil Kitty is making me do it. If it was up to me, I’d procrastinate the hell out of…wait. Um…that doesn’t make sense! Devil Kitty is turning my puny brain into mush!

My blog is in dire need of updating.  As my goals have grown and changed since  started this blog, that means  some of my pages are now horribly outdated.  So over the next week or so, if pages disappear (e.g. The Documentary and About Me pages), not to worry, they will probably eventually reappear in some new  form.

I’m thinking about tinkering with the format of this website, too.  It looks nice, but I like to change things up now and again.  So if you follow my blog, you might click on a link to it one of these days and find something that looks alien.  Not to worry.  I may try a different theme or two or three before I finally settle on one I like.  Please be patient while I experiment a little with the appearance of my blog.

Thanks, everybody, for reading my blog!  I appreciate all of you who take the time to follow my journey and especially those who comment!  Comments can be so encouraging and let me know that I’m not alone.  So thank you!


4 thoughts on “Site Tinkering Coming Up

  1. That is what i am doing to my web site. A friend of mine where i go to church is helping redesign mine. Especially, since i will be doing another walk next year. You can still go to my site and see what you think

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