Update On The Transplant News–We Are Suffering From Impatience-itis

People say the wheels of justice move slowly. Yeah? So why don’t they say that about the medical profession? Because it moves sl-o-o-o-w-ly, too.

It’s hard to not be impatient for news when your life and the life of your loved one could be so dramatically effected by him having a transplant.  Micah and I went to OHSU again for what we thought was supposed to be the screening (which was scheduled for July, but then got rescheduled the morning of the appointment and we were forced to wait again for more than a month).  It turns out, it wasn’t the screening.  It was a meeting with a doctor, who looked over Micah’s medical charts and history, to see what kind of tests and hoops he would need to jump through in order to qualify for the transplant.

The doctor is concerned about Micah’s heart.   Since Micah is a non-smoker and is young, he’s not a major candidate for serious heart disease, but because of his other factors, i.e. diabetes, kidney disease and high blood pressure, he wants to do a look-see into Micah’s heart before they even think about moving him on to the next step.  Because if Micah has heart problems, they want to be able to fix them NOW before they do the transplant, when dealing with heart problems becomes much more difficult because of the nature of all the bazillions of drugs he would be on.  I’m paraphrasing, of course, but I think that was the gist of the conversation.

The procedure the doctor wants to have done involves them making an incision in his groin area, and then sliding a scope or camera of some kind up the artery to his heart so they can take a peek.  Ugh.

So OHSU has called and said that they have alerted the proper department as to the procedure that needs to be done and they will be calling him to make an appointment.  Now, bear in mind this call came at least two weeks after the appointment where the doctor informed us what he would like to do.  And we are still waiting for the scheduling call a few days later.  Who knows how far out that appointment will be scheduled for?  It seems like these things (as in any type of procedure, unless they are an emergency) are always at least a month out.

As you can see, the wheels on this “let’s see if Micah qualifies for a transplant” bus move veeeeeeerrrry slowly.  It’s extremely frustrating.

After Micah gets this procedure, if the docs give him the all clear, he moves on to the next part of the approval process.  Which involves I don’t know what, since they aren’t doing what I thought they said would be doing during the transplant class.  According to the transplant class, they take something like 23 vials of blood and do a butt-load of tests on the blood, and then do a lengthy questioning sort of thing where they go over our finances, look at his other health problems, look at his nutrition, and so on and so forth.  But since that isn’t what happened, at this point your guess is as good as mine as to what comes next after this heart lookey-loo business.

I think I’m going to be bald soon from tearing my hair out.  Maybe I should just shave my head now and save myself the trouble.


8 thoughts on “Update On The Transplant News–We Are Suffering From Impatience-itis

      • Hey Holly. Hang in there. It does take a while to go through the procedures. The very first thing they want to make sure is that he will be healthy enough to go through the long painful and expensive procedure. Robert’s grandfather was on the kidney list for a long long long time and he went through several times where they had something but he was sick or something else was failing so they had to fix that. And on and on. The heart thing they’re looking at doing is really simple. That was how they did Ellora’s heart procedure and she didn’t have any lasting ill effects. Well, ok, she has a tiny scar that only she knows about. Give me a call if you ever just need someone to grip about with. I’m here for you guys. Oh tell Michah and Willow Hi!

      • Thanks, Mae! I’m glad to hear Ellora’s was so simple. I hope it’s the same for Micah!

        Good to hear from you. I saw Deb on the 26th last month and it was good to see her again. We should all get together and hang out for a bit and catch up!

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