Technical Difficulties

I am very excited because tomorrow is the Forest Park Half Marathon.  I’ve been training and took some great footage of my training walks in the park.  However, my cat jumped up on the desk, tripped on some stuff on the desk, slipped, splayed her paws out frantically, grabbed the external keyboard that we got for my husband’s computer, since his laptop’s keyboard was acting wonky, the keyboard went flying, knocked into some water, spilled it and now my husband’s damn computer won’t start up.

This about a week or so after MY computer decided to be attacked by viruses.  I have a friend of mine fixing my computer, but have since discovered that I need a windows startup disk, which I don’t have and have to send away for (if Lenovo has them, that is, and I hope they do).  This is going to add on to the time before we can start my computer up again.  Everything I had on it will be lost (thank goodness that I had most of it backed up on my external hard drive).  I will have to re-install all of my programs on the computer, too, which is going to be a pain.  But it can (hopefully) be fixed.

As for my husband’s computer, who knows.  I’m using the computer at the library right now.  The footage I took of my training (which was kinda fun) was downloaded on my husband’s computer and it was NOT backed up.  Which is a major bummer, if I lose it.

But, I plan to carry on and take video of my first ever half marathon tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be able to upload my footage to the blog here some day.

*cue wistful music*

Sigh.  Technical difficulties SUCK.  If my posts are spotty or non-existent for a couple of weeks, now you know why….


2 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Shouldnt be a problem to retrieve your files. Dont try to artificially dry the thing, though, lest too much heat damage things further. It may well start up after a few days of being allowed to air dry, if you can keep it ventilated.

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