Back On Track Again

Back on track again. And I feel good!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago or so that I had gained a few pounds over the last couple of month and I was feeling frustrated.  I told myself then that it was time to clamp back down on my eating habits, monitor my food intake, and increase my physical activity once again.

I’ve done so.  I’ve managed to lose those pesky pounds I had regained and this morning I actually dipped below my threshold weight that it seemed like I could never get below.  That number seemed to tease me over the last few months–approaching it, then plateauing, then bobbing up and down within a few pound range north of that number.

I know I shouldn’t put so much gravitas into weight numbers because it’s about how much fat I’ve got, not my weight and it’s about how fit I am.  I know this.  But as obese as I am, right now using my weight lost is a handy guide for me to monitor my progress.  Once I get within 20 pounds of my ultimate bodyfat goals, those poundage numbers won’t be so important.

But for now?  It feels good to watch those big numbers get smaller, let me tell you.

Wanna know what my threshold number was?  266.  Yep.  I couldn’t seem to drop below 266.  I am now 265.2.  At my very largest, I weighed a whopping 326.4 pounds.  Today I actually dropped below 266.  Woo hoo!  I’ve officially lost 61.2 pounds now.  Prior to now, my best was 60 lbs.

It’s not fun to admit how heavy I was.  It’s down right embarrassing.  But, I’m hoping that by telling people how much I weigh, especially those people who are overweight like me, they will see that they too can do what seems like it should be impossible.  What 266 pound woman (at 5’2″ tall, no less) can walk 18+ miles in a day  (like I did on Wednesday)?  Anybody can–I’m proof of that.  You just have to work hard at it and train.  I mean, shoot, I could barely walk 6 blocks when I started, because I had so much back pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain–you name it, I had that pain.  But I didn’t give up.  I kept at it.  And now look where I am!

I think it’s also helpful for people who lump us into one category–you are fat, therefore you are slovenly, incapable of physical exercise (or not wanting to), lazy, and so on–to see that it’s simply not true.

People of all sizes are capable of doing far more than they think they can.  People  just have to be open to their potential.  That’s all it is, really.  Allow yourself the chance to do what you don’t think you can.  I think you will surprise yourself.


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