SoleImpact Socks


Just click on the picture to be taken to their website.

I have a pair of these.  I first ordered them back in March or April, and I didn’t receive them until August, because they were on backorder.  At the time I purchased my pair (mine are black), they cost me about $20.  I see according to website, the price has gone up to $29.95.

It’s worth it.

I  want to tell you why (and no, I’m not a paid spokesperson for SoleImpact), but first I want to explain what these handy little socks ARE.

Have you ever heard of sorbothane?  It is an exceptional shock absorbing material.  Up to 94.7% of the shock that occurs is absorbed by the material.  Check out the following video about sorbothane on youtube: Now, SoleImpact has taken some of this material and sewn it into the heel of a half-sock (toes free).  It was originally designed for a gymnast, since gymnasts are constantly giving their bodies tons of shock via their routines, jumps, landings, etc.

Others have started using these socks for applications outside of gymnastics, though.  I thought about how much walking I’ve been doing and how my poor hip hurts so much and figured it would be worth a try to see if it helps me.

It did.  I wore them the first time I tried walking 14 miles at Forest Park.  Afterwards, I was sore and tired, but okay.  When I went on September 15th, the week before my half marathon that I participated in there, I forgot to put them on.  I worked my ass off, beat my time up to that point, and got home and had to immediately put ice on my knees.  I was pretty much knocked out of walking for a few days.  I didn’t get around much at all, because my joints and muscles were soooo sore.  However, the next week on the 22nd, when I participated in the half-marathon, I wore them, beat my best time yet again (by 25 minutes!), and I was only mildly sore when I got home.  The difference in how I felt after both walks was starkly enormous, despite the distance and course being the same.

I’ve told SoleImpact that I would like it very much if they had a full-sock for the entire foot, and in an email reply to me, said they are planning on unveiling those soon.  I don’t know what soon means, but I hope it’s VERY soon, because I will be waiting in line for them.

They are easy to clean–just wash with your other stuff (probably best on delicate cycle, but I haven’t done that), and air dry.

I ordered the medium size.  I was worried they wouldn’t fit since I have extremely wide feet, but they worked just fine.  They are very tight–almost like a compression sock–but that makes sense, if you think about it.  Gymnasts don’t want to have their socks wiggling about on them when they are on the balance beam or on the mat.  I don’t want them slipping around either, for that matter, when I’m walking.  I find the sock ends up working a lot like a compression sock (even though it isn’t one) and helps with stability and keeps any swelling down too, during those super long, long walks I like to take.  I just put my normal sock on over it, and off I go.

I cannot recommend a product enough.  I can tell when I go out and walk without these versus when I wear them.  The wear and tear on my body is much greater.  If you are a runner or you walk a lot, you might consider getting yourself a pair.  I have a feeling you won’t regret it!


3 thoughts on “SoleImpact Socks

  1. Oh, and sorbothane does make shoe insoles. You can get them at running stores. I’ve even seen them in a department store once. Or you can go online here: However, insoles don’t work for me because of my wide feet. They don’t fit in my shoes properly. That was one of the reasons why I was so delighted to find these socks!

    • Oh my gosh. Do they ever. I was amazed by it. I had trained around Forest Park always wearing them, and the one day I didn’t, I had to ice my knees forever, take ibuprofen and was generally was out of commission (especially my joints). The other days I trained I was moderately sore, but that was regular ol’ training soreness mostly.

      I hope if when you get some, they work just as great for you as they did for me!!

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