Testing Continues

Do a google image search on the word “frustration”.  All sorts of hilarious images of people in varying modes of frustration pop up.  Picture me or Micah as any one of those images.   They would be fairly accurate portrayals of how we are feeling right now.  Google image searches on the words “afraid”, “worried”, and “scared s**tless”  also would be fairly accurate.

As part of the testing that OHSU wants Micah to do (in order to qualify him for a kidney transplant) is to undergo a heart catheter procedure.   This is where they thread a catheter up through the artery in his groin on up until it reaches the coronary arteries and the doctors then inject a dye into the artery to search for blockages.  If there are any, if they aren’t too big a deal they can do one of two different kinds of stents.  If there is a major blockage, Micah will be whisked off to the O.R. for open-heart surgery and a bypass operation.

Now, the reason they are doing this heart catheter is because Micah has significant history of heart disease on both sides of his family.  His father keeled over of a heart attack at the age of 62.  In addition, when Micah fell and busted out 3 1/2 of his teeth, they suspect there was arrhythmia.  And, of course, he has super high blood pressure.

If there is any suspected heart issues whatsoever, before they will consider a transplant, those issues must be dealt with.  The kidney transplant team does not want heart issues to crop up after transplant, because it makes treating them a lot more difficult.  So they treat them before.

There is a chance that during this procedure, which is scheduled for tomorrow, nothing is found.  It also may be possible that stents are required, in which case a transplant has to be pushed back a bit, but it probably wouldn’t be for more than a year while he undergoes a certain drug therapy.

But what has Micah especially freaked out by is the possibility that there may be something major going on in there, requiring open heart surgery.  He is scared spitless, y’all.  And while I’m trying to reassure him and tell him everything is fine, there is a small portion of me that is wondering if it is.  Is it?  Truth be told, I’m scared, too.

I’m trying to be cheerful, and I am–on the outside.  Inside, my stomach is writhing.


9 thoughts on “Testing Continues

    • Thanks, Jen.

      I’m trying to take my mind off of what could happen by walking a lot today. Since I know I tend to be a stress eater, I’m trying to do that rather than stuff my face, despite the fact that pizza and ice cream sounds reeeeaaaaalllly good right now.

      Really, I probably have myself worked up to a tizzy for nothing, but I can’t help myself. My mind keeps on whispering “but what if…” Grrrr.

  1. Oh Holly, Oh Micah. I feel for you so much. No matter what happens though, I KNOW in the end it will be fine. I don’t know what it is about your family, Holly, but I feel especially connected and know you guys are going to get through all this and there is a bigger purpose for you all. Keep the faith, Holly. Be his support, and know that over here in Ohio, there’s prayers going up for you and I’m supporting you from this end.

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