Open Heart Surgery

Micah has been in for his heart catheter procedure.  He got out about 45 minutes ago.  I’m still processing what the doctor told me what he found.  Apparently, Micah’s three major coronary arteries have significant blockages.  We’re talking blockages of 70% or so, which are going to require bypass surgery.

The doctor says that they will do at least a double bypass, and possibly a triple.  Micah goes in for open heart surgery on November 1st.  After the surgery is over, it will take about six weeks for him to fully recover.  A month after that, if the rest of Micah’s testing looks good, he may be able to continue on with his transplant plans.

Micah’s endurance and ability to exercise have gotten waaaay worse over the last few months.  It could take him forty minutes to walk a mile, especially if there were hills.  I thought it was all in his mind.  Turns out, it was probably the blockages in his heart.  I owe him an apology for that, but I’m happy that the doctor says after the bypass he should get back a lot of the vitality that had been sapped from him.

Still, the words Open Heart Surgery are very scary.  In a way, I wish they had whisked him off for surgery today.  Then I wouldn’t have had this anticipation hanging over our heads.   The anticipation is probably going to be worse than the surgery itself.   Ugh.


2 thoughts on “Open Heart Surgery

  1. My MIL has had three open heart surgeries — one bypass and two valve replacements, the most recent about a year ago. Not only is she doing wonderfully, her memory and cognition have improved significantly. That’s what happens when the heart is functioning efficiently and enough oxygen gets to the brain. I have every confidence that Micah will have an equally positive experience. ((((hugs))))

    • Thanks! Yeah, we hope so, too. He really has gone downhill with his physical capabilities even since June, when we participated in the Kidney Walk. He did that course okay, though it was hard for him, but now, he can’t even go a block without having to stop for a breather. I’m glad the doctors have caught this, because he was quickly heading toward a major heart attack. And then it might have been too late.

      So we’re nervous about this whole thing, but we are also excited about his recovery. I’m hoping he will feel SOOO much better!

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