I Got My Computer Back!

It's back and better than ever!

It’s back and better than ever!

Yaaay!  My friend Franklin fixed it.  The whole hard drive needed to be wiped, then the operating system re-installed.  Yesterday I spent much of the day re-installing my favorite programs, setting up security stuff and backups, and all that jazz that is associated with setting up a brand new computer to your liking.  While doing that stuff would ordinarily be a pain, I’m so excited to have my computer back that dealing with all of that has been really fun, actually.  I’ve been playing around with settings and exploring and otherwise re-acquainting myself to what my computer can do.

It does feel like a brand new computer, too.  I joked with a friend that it has that new computer smell.   It’s running lots faster, since I don’t have it chock full of stupid malware and viruses.  Eventually I would like to add some more RAM to it so I can speed it up even more.

I am so grateful to have it back.  I missed it sooo bad!  I’m especially excited to be able to resume my more frequent blogging schedule.  That will be really nice.  So stay tuned, because I’ve got a lot planned for this week.


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