A New Year Means New Possibilities


Today is the dawning of a new year.  The year is a brand new canvas, fresh with possibilities.  I have 364 more days to make my life different, if I want it to be.  Or the same if I want it to be.  The canvas of days are mine to pull, stretch and frame any way that I want.  They are mine to paint and finish in a blaze of glory.

Some people like to look at fresh canvas and attack it without a plan.  They can make masterpieces and have beautiful lives that are meaningful to them.

But I’m not like that. It helps me to have a plan.  A vision for who and what I want to become.  That vision can help guide my brushstrokes and make something ordinary extraordinary.

So I’m looking at the blank canvas of my year and planning.  I like to think of this year as one canvas that will be part of an entire series.  Each one will stand alone on its own merits or flaws, but all of them will be put together to create a whole body of work.  That work will sum up my life, and overall it will be a work of good.  It will be full.  It will be a legacy that can be shared with my future family and maybe even my community.

That is what I hope.

This is my plan…

I have a number of areas that I want to work on this year.  I won’t break down everything or even list everything, because it would be too much.  Suffice it to say, I have looked at what my family needs and wants this year, what I need and want this year, and I have come up with a detailed plan to make it happen.  I’ve taken overall goals and broken them up into monthly goals.  Those monthly goals I’ve looked at and figured out what I need to do daily, even, to make some of them happen.


I have finally achieved gainful employment.  As a matter of fact, I’m going back to work as a long haul trucker as of January 8th.  Trucking is lonely work, but it pays pretty well and has excellent benefits, which will in the end make a lot of my other goals this year possible.  In addition, that loneliness will actually play into my favor, since it means I will be able to get a lot more done without interruption.  Many of my self-help and learning goals can be done while I’m actually driving, so that’s a bonus!

Micah and I were worried that me working again would negatively affect his Social Security benefits, in particular his Medicare, since we have been told in the past it would by his worker at Social Security.  But in December we talked with yet another social worker who said that our Medicare premium would go up a little, but that’s it.  Whew!  No Medicare = death for Micah–literally. We have no way to pay for his dialysis and costly medication.  So the fear of losing his Medicare has been something that has frozen us up until now.

We are still afraid that something bad will happen.  After all, it seems like you ask five different workers at Social Security the same question and you will get five different answers.  But Micah needs dental work in order to qualify for a transplant.  Medicare does not pay for dental work.  I can get dental insurance through my employer.  We decided to risk it.


I am going to start small business on the internet.  I actually plan to start several, but right now I’m starting small.  I’ll share with you some more about this as I work on it and get it up and running.

Health and Fitness

I plan to walk at least 125 miles per month in January and February (while I’m doing my trucking training) and will bump it up to 175 miles per month in March.  That will net me 2000 miles for the year 2013.  And in a sense, I really will be walking across America, because I will be walking all over America, since I will be in a different location every day!

I will be consistent about logging my food every day.

I will lose another 60 pounds.

My husband’s and my dental needs will be addressed this year (and may need to continue on to the next, since we both need significant amounts of dental work that won’t be cheap and dental insurance usually caps at ridiculously low amounts).


I will write one blog post per week while training.  Two blog posts per week after.  I plan to increase my readership, and make more of a name for myself in the blogosphere.  I enjoy blogging very much and I want to keep it a major part of my life.

I also have some very specific goals concerning my other writing, as well.


I will take at least one photo a day.  I want to learn more about photography, get to know my camera better, and really get into making some good photographic art.

Self Help and Learning

I will learn how to play the ukulele or banjouke (small portable instruments that shouldn’t take up too much room on my truck).

I  will learn how to use a few different computer programs and haven’t gotten around to.  It’s time.

These are just a couple of examples on my list.  These I can’t do while driving, but that’s okay.  I’ve got others that I can.


I will strive to be fully with my family when I am home the few days a month that I’m home.  By that I mean, I will be present in the moment, engaged, and spending quality time with them.  Sure, we will have errands and whatnot, but I want to be fully there with them, not with my mind elsewhere.

I will call them every day in the morning and in the evening while I’m gone out on the road, to wish them a good morning and tell them good night.  I don’t want them to worry about me.


I will shut up, talk less, and listen more with my whole self  (listening is something I would like to do better).

I will be a kinder, more empathetic person.

I will donate to good causes on crowdfunding campaigns, helping others who are trying to get a leg up, too.  I will donate to charity.

I will continue my 30 Day Challenges, but try focusing on more personal things that are things that I want to work on, rather than extending out my goals that I’ve already broken up into pieces anyway.  That feels like cheating.  😉

That’s the picture I wish to paint.  What about you?


8 thoughts on “A New Year Means New Possibilities

  1. Wow. That’s a lot to try and accomplish all at one time. I wish you the best of luck.

    I’ve always liked your 30 Day Challenges concept, so I am taking that into the New Year. Once I have successfully met (or maintained for 2 months) a goal, then I will add another. My 30 Day Challenges for January are:

    — I will increase my reps in my physical therapy daily, even if it’s only one or two
    — I will get back into the habit of documenting what I eat
    — I will read “Hyperspace” by Michio Kaku and research anything I don’t understand
    — I will express when I am frustrated while I am still calm, rather than wait until I’m angry to do so

    Thanks for providing the inspiration!

  2. These all sound good. I love the new year and that blank canvas feeling. I love that you have a plan too. For my 100 things, I have a page a day to fill out to keep me on track. Are you going to be tracking your goals and stuff too?

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