If The End Of The World Was Coming In Three Months…

…I would toss out my new year resolutions.

For 2013, I created a very ambitious plan for personal growth and gain in the coming year.  In years past, I just did what most other people do:  I made some resolutions and then sort of petered out on those resolutions as the year went on.  How many people actually succeed at their New Year’s resolutions?  Some do, I’m sure; but I imagine more don’t.   This year I vowed it would be different.  I want to wrangle my chaotic, stressful life into submission and make something out of it.

But if the world was ending in three months due to some apocalyptic doomsday meteor-hurtling-towards-the-earth type scenario, then there would be no point to it.  My goals for the new year are meant to be built upon, to set a foundation for a brighter future for me and my family.

Most of what I and my family chooses to do we do because of my husband’s health.  He has end stage renal disease (ESRD) and is on dialysis.  Without dialysis, he could die in a matter of days.  His life is strictly regimented and he has to watch what he eats, or else that could cause him cardiac stress–too much potassium and phosphorous are killers.

scar statement

Oops. I misspelled lidocaine. Oh, well. It’s the end of the world, so who gives a rat’s patootie?

As it is, he already survived open heart surgery this year.  Surgery sucks ass.

If the end of the world was coming, I would instead choose very different goals.  Goals that in the short term would mean the most to me and my family.  I think that if I knew I was going to die soon, I would want to enjoy life as much as possible.

1)  That means lots of cheese and chocolate.  It’s a no-no in our life because it is chock full of potassium and phosphorous.  I don’t know if my husband would take on the same thinking as me and decide he wants to enjoy life and eat whatever the heck he wants, but I do know that I would eat lots of cheese and chocolate.  Maybe even together.  At the same time.

2)  Micah doesn’t travel much because he has to stick to the dialysis machines three times a week.   But in this day and age, you can find dialysis centers all sorts of places you travel, it just takes careful planning.  We love traveling.  I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Great Britain, Hawaii, and lots of other places.  We’re broke though.  So I would rob a few banks, get the dough, take my kiddo out of school, grab the hubby and flee the country  go explore the rest of the world.

3)  I’m a hefty gal.  I’ve been working on losing weight and walking (over 1000 miles this last year!) a lot to get in better shape.  But, dammit, if I’m going to die soon, I’m not going to worry about what I look like or whether I can run a 100 yard dash.  I’m going to find a nude beach in some exotic locale and bask in the sun and not care if people are sniggering about how my rolls have rolls.  Who cares?  We’re all going to be human pot roasts for the gods in three months anyway.  I’ll just be extra tender.

You might wonder why I’m posting these confessions of what I would do if the world came to an end.  The Daily Post on WordPress.com told me to.  And lord knows, I always do the things absolute strangers tell me to do.  Well, I do if it looks like it might be fun.

7 thoughts on “If The End Of The World Was Coming In Three Months…

    • Thanks! There is one flaw to the plan, however. If I know the world is ending in 3 months, so does everybody else. Hard to travel everywhere when I imagine lots of other folks are doing the same thing I am–taking off to be with their families and spend every last moment of their lives in joyful abandon. Hard to get that Swedish massage from that hunky massage therapist of my dreams when he’s probably long gone… Sigh. It’s fun to think about though, isn’t it? 🙂 Um, not the massage, the joyful abandon part.

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