Seven Stages of Grief And Dialysis

Hey, all. Today I’m reblogging a post by Greg Collette, who writes the blog Big D and Me. His stuff is insightful. Here he talks about the seven stages of grief, something I’ve talked about before and how it relates to dialysis. Check it out!


Big D and Me

Happy New Year everyone.  I think it’s going to be a good one!

Over the holiday period I had the opportunity to talk with many people that are still new to the BigD (that is they are still in their first few months).  Many say that they are now used to dialysis: they can handle the needles and the hours in the chair; they feel healthier and have more energy; they understand that they need dialysis to live.  But the more we talked, the more I realised that while they understand it logically, most are far from accepting it emotionally.

So I thought it may be useful if I wrote a little about my journey to emotional acceptance, to let you know that you are on a well-trodden path, in good company.

Back in April 2009, in my second post, I wrote a briefly about Dealing with Dialysis.  It…

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2 thoughts on “Seven Stages of Grief And Dialysis

  1. I love Greg’s blog, and reblog his entries often. His blog was the first cache of information that didn’t leave me breathless with anxiety about the future. Thanks for posting this, Holly!!!

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