A Bitchy Complainy Type Post


If I don’t look like death warmed over in this pic, it’s a miracle. I mean, it’s because of my fabulous skills as a photographer. Mmm, yep. I’ll stick with that explanation.

The reason behind the title of this post is pretty simple. I’m gonna moan and complain a teensy bit. Everybody has those posts that are the triumphant happy good news variety and everyone has the flip side of the coin, too, when it comes to posts. I’m no exception. Though I do try to be mostly positive, sometimes a good complain is in order. So yeah, this is that time.

Trying to get started with my company has been a really slow process. I went out and got my training in, and then it took me twelve days to travel the 2000 miles home. In trucker terms, that is F O R E V E R. It should have only taken three days max, but the company couldn’t ever find us a load home, so they would give us a load that would get us just a few hundred miles closer. Ugh.

Then, once I got home I managed to see the Superbowl (at least that was a nice thing!). Micah and I have a fun tradition of watching it together every year. We always make fun snacks, and each year our healthy snack savvy gets better. This year I decided to make pizza. No or low sodium everything and light on the cheese. Delish. Anyway, while making the pizza for the game, I burned myself. Ironically, the burn looks like a slice of pizza. Since I’m all full of irony, does that qualify me as a hipster? Wait. Do hipsters watch football?

Okay, so then my company doesn’t have any empty trucks they can assign me. They do have a flatbed truck (with header board, extra long wheel base and all the gear that goes with it) that they say I can take to the Phoenix terminal and swap out with another truck. Supposedly the company is buying a boatload of new Cascadias this month. Maybe I could get lucky and get one.

So I’m off. I know very little about flatbed hauling, so they gave me a dry van load and I hooked it up. I will say driving a flatbed truck when you’re female sure gets a lot of second glances and comments from truckers. “You a flatbed operator? Wow! You go, girl!” It’s a monstrous job that is very difficult and requires climbing on top of stuff in the middle of winter and wrangling giant, wet heavy tarps. No thanks. But it ‘s kind of fun to get the surprised looks. Yeah! I am Holly/She-Ra. I probably AM strong enough to deal with it, but I’m smart enough to let someone else get the shoulder injuries and hernias and broken necks from falls.

Anyhow, did I mention that when I came home my dad was sick? He promptly got a fever of 102.6. The entire time I was there his fever waxed and waned, but never went away. The night before I left, my husband started getting sick. I was wondering if I was going to get out of the house unscathed.

I left for work and felt pretty good. Whee! I was going to avoid it! Or so I thought. By the end of the day my chest was on fire and I was coughing. And it just got worse from there.

For the next three days I was trying to get to Phoenix and I was coughing so hard it was making me puke. I’ve got puke all down the steps of the truck from the times I barely stuck my head out the door in time to avoid splattering it on myself. My throat and lungs are on fire, my head is congested, my nose is all stuffed (yet runny!), I’m feverish and achy and it hurts to do anything.

I made it to Phoenix in one piece, thank goodness. I told the planners to not count on me for a couple of days at least so I can try and rest up.

Here’s some more irony for ya. They don’t have a truck available for me to swap into. There is a line of 22 drivers ahead of me! Ay yi yi!

If I had known I was going to be sick I would have just stayed home and waited for a truck to become available at my own terminal. Then my sweet little girl could have been getting me orange juice and rubbing my feet. Sigh. At least she sent me magic get well kisses over the phone. I miss her. Micah, too.

Double ugh. I get mopey when I’m sick.

Oh, and you wanna know what else happened that was particularly sucky? Shortly after I got home from my training, one of the kiddos got on my computer and somehow downloaded some virus/malware that has crashed my computer! After I just FINALLY got it fixed! It was running for like a month and a half tops! Grrrrrr! So I’m computer-less AGAIN. This time I’m going to go buy me a new computer, since I’ve been needing a more up to date one anyway. But that won’t be for a few weeks, since I have to save up my pay to do it. That is, if I ever get over this darn flu/cold and manage to get a truck assigned to me.


It’s been an interesting few weeks.
My troubles aside, I hope you all are managing to stay healthy! I hope for your sakes you do not get sick, because this is NOT fun! Stay safe, everybody and please wish me luck and a speedy recovery.




4 thoughts on “A Bitchy Complainy Type Post

    • Thanks, Stacie. I am feeling a little better today. And this morning they assigned me a new truck! So I’m transferring stuff and taking this one last day to rest up. I should be okay for tomorrow, I think. Yay! 🙂

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