Where I’ve Been: Sunny California Edition

Most of my time in California took place back in February and March.  Mira Loma is home to one of the truck terminals for our company.  Farmer Boys Restaurant is a little over a half a mile walk from there, which is perfect for a little bit of exercise.

To the right of this photo and not pictured is the Farmer Boys restaurant.  They have the best dang fish sandwich I have ever eaten in my life.  And their zucchini sticks were good too.  Though they were more like zucchini logs, as you can see from the pic below.  Looking at the photo is making me hungry for another one of their sandwiches.  Oh my gosh, it was sooo amazingly good.

Best dang fish sandwich ever. Farmer Boys has that category locked down.

California has lots of palm trees, of course.  I had to take pictures of them, or I wouldn’t have been a good tourist.

509I actually took tons of photos of palm trees, because I was very curious how they were all so similar and yet so different.  I took photos of different types of barks and their texture, I took photos of their fruits, I took photos of their fronds…it was if I was in some exotic, strange locale and was channeling a botanist or something.

512Of course, California has a lot of flowers, and they all bloom before ours do in the Pacific Northwest, since it’s so much warmer down here so much earlier.  I thought this bird-of-paradise was pretty.

493I never thought I would find rabbits running wild in the middle of the city (I think this was in Ontario? California) at a Jack ‘n the Box.  They were so cute!  One of the workers came out to pick trash up outside and I asked her about them.  She said somebody nearby owns them and they regularly manage to escape over to their store.  She said there’s three of them, but only two were visiting this day.

450My husband couldn’t figure out what this was.  Well, it was me playing with my camera and see what it could do in low-light situations.  In the distance, there was a lot with some trucks in it and several lamp posts.  I discovered if I moved while taking the photo, the lights made fun streaks.  So I took a series of pictures making the light streaks do funny things.  I liked this one best, because it seems like a bunch of lights are racing each other.

So that’s a quick and dirty tour of some of the photos I’ve taken in California while trucking over the last few months.  I could put in lots more palm tree trunks, but I don’t want to bore you. 🙂


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