Where I’ve Been: Fun n’ Freaky Snow Days, Part 1

All through January and February and the first part of March, I got to drive places where it was nice and sunny.  No rain, no snow, just 60-80 temperatures.  It was lovely!  Then, come mid-March, it’s as if the world realized that I was enjoying myself far too much, driving wise, and decided that I should get to experience the winter weather I was missing out on.  So I had to go through a bunch of snow over the next couple of weeks.  It was not so much fun, at least, not the driving part.  That part was very stressful.  But sometimes even the snow was fun.  When I wasn’t driving.

Not too bad here.

The pic above was taken along I-70 in Nebraska headed west toward Colorado.    It was brilliant and sunny, but the wind was so bad that it often kicked up the snow so that it became very difficult to see.

Pretty snow!

The snow was so pretty, though.

The freeway got shut down in Colorado–apparently it was horribly stormy there and if you looked at the cameras the Colorado DOT has in different places on the freeway, you would know that the DOT did the right thing, shutting down the freeway.  But it meant that I was stuck in Nebraska, where it was sunny (although a little windy and cold due to the wind chill).  I took the opportunity for a little explore.   With nothing but time on your hands, what would you do?

My footprints in the snow. Some places were pretty deep where the snow drifted up.

I ended up walking along the railroad tracks that cut under the freeway.  In places where the snow drifted, I stepped down almost to my crotch in snow.  Kinda cold, but really fun!

Under the overpass. Some drifting snow.

Okay, I admit it.  I actually sought out the big snowdrifts to tromp in.  I’m still a little kid at heart.

My snow covered boot.  Whee!   The pockmarks are from the snow melting on the overpass and dripping onto the snow below.

Looks like other people like to hang out under the overpass, too.  It seems they like to decorate…

996Speaking of decorations, I love the patterns the wind makes in the snow.

Check out those icicles!

Even my truck likes a little decoration, now and then….

Snow days can be fun days, when it’s nice and sunny out and the truck has to stop because the freeway is closed from nasty weather where you aren’t.  But it isn’t so fun when you’re in the thick of it.  Check out tomorrow’s post for some of that.


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