Where I’ve Been: Sumner, WA

A while back, I had a load that took me to Sumner, WA.  Costco has a distribution center there.  And near there we also have a truck terminal.  After I delivered my Costco load, I had some time on my hands and I decided to take a walk.  Here are some of the things I got to see.

Mount Saint Helens.  To the left of this pic was a horribly stinky plant of some sort that had lumber and had vats of some kind of brownish liquid churning.

Walking away from the more industrial section of town, I quickly entered a more commercial section.  It didn’t take long, maybe a half mile.  Sumner isn’t so big, you know.  I encountered a truck trying to turn from a wide street onto a narrow one, and some car driver pulling up to the intersection, completely oblivious that the tail end of the truck would swing round and crush him if he didn’t move.  Crazy thing is, he just sat there while the truck had to stop and wait for him to get a clue.  It’s as if the driver expected the trucker to somehow move the back end of his truck in such a way to avoid him.  Or something.  Or maybe the car driver was half asleep and needed coffee and needed time to compute that he needed to move and move NOW or get squashed like a bug.  I took a pic, in case forensics needed evidence after firefighters applied the jaws of life.

No worries.  Collision avoided.  Drat.  I was going to make a mint selling the photos to the newspaper.  Right on that corner (just out of view on the right) was a cute little drive-up coffee shop the car driver could go to, so he could get some much needed java and a little alertness.

After buying myself a delicious mint mocha thingamajig that was the special for the day, I kept walking.  A ways down, old town Sumner was just waiting for me.  There is a lot of lovely artwork and I was enjoying the heck out of my walk.

Check out these concrete medians:


And this mural.

Downtown Sumner:

I like the lamp posts on this street.

I was just about to head down that street and into historic downtown Sumner proper, when I got a text message notifying me of a load.  There is no way to respond and say, “yeah, I’ll take that” via texting back.  You have to go back to your truck and answer the text on the truck’s onboard Qualcomm computer system.  And the thing of it is, if you don’t respond right away, sometimes planners will take the load they just sent you off and give it to somebody else, since there is often more drivers than there are loads that time of year.  The couple of months right after Christmas are usually fairly slow.  So if you don’t respond right away, another driver will.  Especially since some planners will send out a load to several drivers at once and the first one who responds gets the load.  Ugh.

So I had to hot foot back the couple of miles that I had wandered and hope that nobody else got that load.

On the way, I had to stop and take more pics, though.  I couldn’t resist.  Here’s one I like of the river I crossed over during my walk.


I really wished I had had more time to explore Sumner.  I suspect I would have found many more jewels to enjoy and photograph.  Oh well.  Since we have a terminal there, I suspect I will get more opportunities in the future.


2 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been: Sumner, WA

  1. Thanks for the posting and the photos. Never been to that part of the world, expect a stopover at SeaTac airport. So, this is a ground view that I never got. Did you get the load?

    • Yes, I got the load! In the end, I wished I hadn’t, since I ended up having problems with scaling it and making it legal. It was waaaay too heavy at one end and had to be re-loaded. Wasted many many hours on that. Oh well. Such is the life!

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