Where I’ve Been: Utah and the Moab Area (and Parts Further South), Part 1 of 3

Utah 017I love driving out US 6, I-70, and US 191 in Utah.  There is some absolutely INCREDIBLE scenery out there.  The cliffs and rocks are so red, and the foliage grows so green from the Colorado River.  It creates a wonderful contrast and makes the drive, combined with blue skies and fluffy white clouds, a colorful dream.  I really, really, really enjoy this drive.  There is also a wonderful little rest area just south of Moab, and it is one of my favorites in the whole entire country.  Right next to it is the Hole In The Wall tourist trap, and yes, I’ve been tourist-ey trapped there myself in the past.  The Hole In The Wall is basically a man-made cave that some guy hollowed out, turned into a home and was actually a cafe for travelers or some such a long time ago.  Dude was eccentric, to say the least.  He was an amateur taxidermist and he stuffed his favorite mule (horse?) when it died and brought it into his living room.  South of The Hole In The Wall, there is Wilson Arch, and this last time I passed it, I actually decided to climb up to the arch and take some really breathtaking photos (if I do say so, myself).

I figure I’ll break this up into 3 posts:  one for the trip through Moab, one for the rest area and The Hole In The Wall, and one for the Arch.  Since there are so many photos, I’m going to post them gallery style this time.  Enjoy!


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