Home Time: Beach Adventure–Updated With Pics!

At the beach with the family 056

Don’t we look like a chipper bunch?

Being a truck driver means that I’m usually on the truck at least 26 days a month.  But, when I do get home time, my family and I like to try to spend it in good quality family time.  Last time I was home, we drove out to the coast and checked out few different things.

One thing we checked out was an air museum in Tillamook, OR.  That was a lot of fun.  Apparently, the air museum used to be the home of a blimp airfield circa WWII.  The hangars were built to hold 9 blimps a piece.  The blimps were used to patrol the Pacific Coast and watch for Japanese submarines.  There weren’t any blimps at the museum, but there were many many examples of different airplanes, flight simulators (of course Willow had to try out every. single. one.) and lots of other exhibits.  We all got a big kick out of the museum.  The funny thing is, when we first got there, Willow (at eleven years old, she was too cool for some stupid air museum) asked if she could wait out in the car while her daddy and I checked out the museum!  We told her an emphatic no.  And, as it turned out, she had a really great time and she said she was glad we made her come inside.  😉

We also went to the beach and played out in the sand for a while.  Then we got dinner at a little diner that had the yummiest fried cod, and headed home.

My poor doggie misses me while I’m gone, too.  Last time I was home, he actually climbed onto the bed with me (something he never does) and literally laid partly on top of me and leaned back and put his head on my face and neck.  It was a gesture of “I’ve missed you, Mom, and I’m soooo happy you’re home!”  Especially the arrummph, sound me made as he snuggled up to me.  Definitely a happy dog.

Lovey dog 001

One very happy puppy.

I’ve got a lot of great photos from that day!

4 thoughts on “Home Time: Beach Adventure–Updated With Pics!

  1. Holly, I have been loving you “where I have been” posts. I got a kick out of the Wyoming rest stop post. Only an optimistic person could have found the joy in a rest stop. And its good to see that you are getting some family time too. The three of you look certainly happy in that picture! Love ya and keep writing!

    • Thanks, Bethany! We were pretty happy in that photo. It was such a great day, and we’ve been a little short on great family days in the last few years because of Micah’s health and our finances. That was the first time we’ve been able to go to the coast since 2009 and it’s only about an hour drive away!

      But I do try to look at the positive side of things. It keeps truck driving a grand adventure rather than a boring, humdrum job. It’s MUCH better that way!!

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