Where I’ve Been: Early Castle Valley, UT

Utah Castle Valley 061

In Utah and Colorado, the I-70 corridor has some spectacular scenery.  I was driving through there a few weeks or so ago, and was running out of hours, so I stopped at a viewpoint at Early Castle Valley, UT.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  It was absolutely incredible.  I took several hundred photos.  No joke.  I won’t post them all here, but it’s hard not to.  The views were all so awe inspiring!  I had fun walking around the area, exploring and playing on the rocks and such.  What was even better is that not only did I get to watch the sun go down in this beautiful place, but the next morning I got to watch it come up again.  Unfortunately, the sunset/sunrise pictures didn’t turn out as well as I hoped, as I’m still learning how to deal with low level lighting with my camera.    But suffice it to say, it was awesome!

Again, I played around with my filters, learning how they worked.  So if you see different colors showing through in different photos, that’s probably why.  Though as the sun came down, that affected the color in the photos, as well.

In a few of the photos, I have captured some guys checking out the terrain.  One of the three was a young man out visiting from Germany.  He was totally grokking the scenery.  “Back home, ve have notting like dis.  Is all forest and mountains undt it’s cold.”  He was a cutie.  But he and his buddies were going out on the over-hanging rocks.  Now, you can see from my photos that the wind erodes the rock until there are overhanging shelves.  And some of those shelves collapse.  In one of the photos I’ve got below, you can see a giant slab of rock laying against the cliff.  So I know that stuff breaks off.  To me, it seems very silly to stand on something that could potentially break off and you don’t know when that could ever happen.  I mean, look at that kid Aaron whasisname, who was rock climbing and a big ol’ boulder shifted and crushed his arm and he had to cut off his own arm to get away.  Remember that story?  Well, if these overhangs were to fall, these guys would have plunged to their deaths.  So I made sure to take pictures of them to sell to the guaranteed media circus for posterity, as a way to document their last moments on earth alive.  Fortunately for them (and not for my pocketbook), the rocks did NOT give way, and they probably got to witness even cooler views that I was too chicken smart cautious to try for myself.

I really hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.  The photos in no way can even begin to show just how….majestic, beautiful, colorful, and awe-inspiring that place really was.  Words aren’t enough to describe it.


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