Where I’ve Been: Further Down US 95

It’s amazing the difference a few hours and a couple of hundred miles can make.  Earlier I showed you the pics along US 95 in Idaho.  Here we are in Nevada (and maybe a couple in Oregon), and the scenery is on a completely different level.  Idaho: lush, sunny, green.  Nevada: stark, scrubby, brown, mountainous, rainy.  But both landscapes were beautiful in their own ways.

It’s funny.  Along the route in Nevada, I passed by a giant lake on a Paiute Indian reservation.  I soooo wanted to stop and explore and take pictures, but I had already stopped once that day to take the photos along the river, so I didn’t have time to make another long stop.  And I didn’t even have my camera handy, so I wasn’t able to take photos of the lake itself.  So sad making!  It was beautiful there.


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