What Do I Title My Soon To Be Revamped Blog?

I need a new Title. Not this one, but this would be pretty awesome, don’t you think?  image from:  http://www.ufcstore.com/ufc-replica-championship-belt/detail.php?p=104320

First things first.

My new blog needs a name.  Holly Walks won’t do.  This blog won’t be about walking or walking goals. Well, maybe as part of my exercise and body fitness goals, but it isn’t the focus of the blog anymore.

This blog will be about change.  About redesigning my life and my family’s situation.  We are broke.  We are trying to climb out of the financial black hole that medical and educational debt has put us in.  We don’t care if we are rich. Rich isn’t the goal.  We want to be comfortable and to live the life the way we would like.  You know, owning property, having a decent car, being able to take vacations or travel if we want to (without having to be in debt to have those things). We want to leave our kids better off than we have always been.  We want them to be able to go to college if they should choose to.  We want to be able to pay for our older years, since Social Security isn’t going to. Basically, we want the American dream, which is something that seems to be pretty much dead around most of America right now.

In addition to our financial American dream type goals, I have more personal goals as well.  I want to re-design my body.  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and fat.  Last year’s weight loss was great.  But trucking is doing me no favors.  The needle on the scale is creeping back up again.  I’ve also got my bucket list of other personal goals as well.   I basically want to change ME.  I want to change my life into what I’ve always only daydreamed it could be.

So…I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a good name.  Here are a few options in no particular order.  I’m putting them in a poll to see what y’all like or suggest.



5 thoughts on “What Do I Title My Soon To Be Revamped Blog?

  1. I just did an internet search on all of the above titles and it turns out Life Reboot is pretty much already taken both on blogspot and on wordpress. So that one is out. Also, Groovalicious is the name of a band, near as I can tell, from Australia. And American Dreamsicle is the name of an album and of a song by John Wolfington. However, as neither Groovalicious nor American Dreamsicle is a blog by either of those artists, and my subject matter is completely different, if I were to choose either of those titles, I think I would be safe.

  2. I don’t see why “Holly’s Walk” won’t work anymore — you’re just walking through life rather than through the country. I think it’s still appropriate. IMHO.

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