Cardio Equipment That Fits On Trucks?

Believe me, it exists.  I know, because I found some.

First of all, I bought a set of vinyl coated dumbbells from Walmart for an astounding $19.99. Gold’s gym puts these out.  I can mix and match three different size plates up to 40 lbs.  Dumbbells in and of themselves are usually thought of as equipment for strength training.  And it is.  But if you do your strength training in a circuit fashion (doing reps for X amount of time, taking a 30 second break, then doing next exercise for X amount, and so on, never stopping until you’re done), you can get a cardio workout.  Two birds, one stone.

golds gym dumbbells

All of this came in a nice, sturdy box, which I am using to store them in when not in use.

Secondly, I found another neat gizmo at Walmart, also marketed by Gold’s Gym.  The product in question is titled, “Folding Upper and Lower Body Cycle With Monitor.”  Essentially, it is a bike without wheels.  It also retails for a whopping $19.99.  I bought one and tried it out.  It made my inner thighs burn and was also great (especially so!) for my arms.  Yes, you can put it on a table or desk or something and use it for your arms, as well.

folding wheel-less cyle

The wheel-less bike all folded up. See my dumbbell box in the upper right corner? I’m a regular exercise equipment badass.

The cycle, when it is all folded up is just over 16″ wide by a little over 14″ tall and about 5 1/2″ deep.  A perfect size to stick in nooks and crannies.


See my cute tootsies? They’re peddling hard, man. Note the timer telling me how much torture I’ve endured. It goes by reaaaaallly, reaaaalllly, slowly.

Now the beauty of a folding, wheel-less bicycle is that you can work out even when it is nasty outside.  Inclement weather is no longer an excuse.  Dang.

I’ve seen other little workout devices, as well, but wasn’t so interested in them.  I saw one that was like a stair-stepper, and looked like it would take up less space than this cycle, even, but I was afraid that at my size I would break it.  I have spoken to another truck driver who has one and she really likes it.

I also just found an elliptical machine that might work on a truck, too.  You can find it here at Amazon.  It actually looks like people can use it sitting down, too, so that might be an option for somebody who is afraid to stand on it and break it.  Or who don’t have the balance to handle it at this point.  I also found something called a twister stepper, also at Amazon here.  The handlebars look like they easily come off.  I don’t know how well either of these products work, but I’m pretty happy with my cycle, so I probably won’t be buying them any time soon,.  But if you do and try them out, let me know how it worked for you, okay?

So I have a mini-gym now on my truck (I plan to get the barbell that is in two parts, so that I can fold it up for storage when I’m not using it, too).  I am ready to start kicking off some of the fat dedicated to sticking to my derriere.

My point, if I have one, is that even lack of space, bad weather and lack of time shouldn’t be a hindrance to getting exercise and getting fit.  I know every time I’m stuck at a shipper’s now waiting to get unloaded, and I find myself dragging out a book to read, I can read AND bicycle at the same time.  Why not?

And on the days when the weather is nice and I have time, a nice walk and a real bike ride (I plan to hitch a regular bike to the back of the truck as soon as I get one) are great exercise.  Some folks like running, too, but I’m not to that level yet.  I also realized that if I stop at a rest area, the nice grassy spots would be a great place to bring my laptop and do a workout DVD.  There are lots of DVD’s out on the market with workouts ranging from 15 minutes to 90 minutes and cover all sorts of interests from kickboxing to yoga to stretching to dance to you name it!  I might look weird out there on the grass, but I don’t care.  I only just thought of this option today.  Silly me.  I’ve got some workout videos at home I’m going to have to rustle up. Now where did I put those….?


I love me some Richard Simmons. Somebody buy this for me. Pronto.

(I actually have Richard Simmons’ Sweatin to the Oldies and Sweatin to the Oldies 2 on VHS from when a friend and I used them to work out back in the, let’s see….80’s, I think?  But they are fun, and Richard is fun and I love him.  I want his gams.  Look at those legs in that picture!  Wouldn’t you just die to have legs shaped like that?  Sigh…)

So…yeah.  Consider me equipped!

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