A Rest Area On US 287 In Colorado

At least, I think it was in Colorado.  Mmmmmm…yep.  I’m pretty sure it was in Colorado.  Anyway, I was driving and Mother Nature called.  In more ways than one.  The facilities were those icky pit style toilets.  But I felt I was fairly compensated for the lack of regular toilets by the scenery.

Here’s a little story–a conversation with myself, as it were–over what I found:

Neat rock formations in Colorado

Neat rock formations in Colorado

My Inner Child (MIC):  OOOH!  Cool rocks!  I wanna climb them!

My Grown Up, Responsible Self (MGURS): No.  You are in the middle of nowhere all by your lonesome.  Not a smart move.

Doesn't this look like ginormous fossilized dinosaur poop that has eroded over the millenia into its current state?

Don’t these rocks look like ginormous fossilized dinosaur droppings that have eroded over millenia into their current state?

MIC:  Why not?

MGURS:  Because, if you fall, no one will hear you scream or come to your rescue.

MIC:  *snorting*  That’s what cell phones are for.

MGURS:  If you look at your cell phone, you will notice there is no cell reception out here in the middle of B.F.E. Colorado.

MIC:  Oh.  But look!  There are really great handholds and lots of places to stick your feet, and everything!

016MGURS:  No.

MIC:  And look!  Isn’t this the Coolest. Thing. Ever?

Cut outs in the rock.

Cut outs in the rock.

MGURS:  No.  You are not going to climb the rocks.  Not even the little ones that look like dinosaur excrement.

MIC:  *spluttering*  But, but….Look!  Look at them!  These look like so much fun to climb!  I don’t care at all that they look like dino poo.  Can I climb them, pretty please?


MIC:  Hey, what’s that?  *pointing upwards*

018MGURS:  Wha-?  Ow!  Sun in my eyes!

*MIC trying to quickly ascend a rock while MGURS is temporarily blinded*

MGURS:  Get the hell off that!  Just ‘cuz I can’t see for the sunspots in my eyes doesn’t mean I can’t hear you!  Get down now!!

MIC:  Awwww….  Don’t be such a cact-ass.

Don't be prickly, says MIC.

Don’t be prickly, says MIC.

MGURS: Okay, we’ve checked out the cool rocks and they are beautiful.  We have a schedule to keep.  Let’s get a move on.

MIC:  *petulant*  I can’t.  I’m going to follow directions for once and enjoy a little of just what that rock right there is telling me to enjoy.

MGURS:  Once and for all, you are NOT going to climb the rock!

MIC:  Nope, I’m going to sit down and enjoy a little of it.

MGURS:   Gaah!  You are impossible!  A little of what?  What is the rock telling you to enjoy?

MIC:  See for yourself.

025Whereupon both my inner child and my grown up, responsible self agreed and I did.  For a few moments, at least, until the biting flies reminded me I had a load to deliver.

The End.

3 thoughts on “A Rest Area On US 287 In Colorado

    • Thanks! It was fun to write, too. And I really did have a similar conversation in my head!

      I *always* have similar conversations in my head when I see neat things that I want to explore when I’m on the road. Nine times out of ten, my responsible, grown up self wins, which my inner child resents. They argue all the time. Sigh.

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