Great News, Cheat Week, and Other Stuff

At the beginning of the month I had hoped to make a progress report regarding my fat loss efforts using my new diet.  But my internet was acting wonky, and then my hours got all crazy and I just didn’t get a chance to make that post on the first.

So on August 1st, here was my progress in a nutshell (the great news!):
  • Total pounds lost-13.8
  • Total inches lost-22.75
  • BMI went from 50.57 to 48.3

To say I was ecstatic is a bit of an understatement.

The Cheat Week

TMI Alert!  This last week, I’ve totally been shooting it to shit.  I have been having horrible cravings, stuffing my face, retaining water like crazy and have been all bloated and miserable.  I couldn’t figure out why at first.  I mean, my period wasn’t due for a couple more weeks, and that is usually the culprit behind most of the above symptoms.  Then, about three days into my crave-a-thon I discovered what was what.  My period decided to drop by early.  Gah!!!!  I should have realized that’s what was going to happen, based on my symptoms, but it didn’t occur to me.

The weird thing is, I don’t usually crave food this bad.  Yeah, I do get the occasional craving, but this was like the mondo crave cycle from heck!!  Sheesh.  I analyzed my stress level, since I know I’m a stress eater, but there isn’t really anything new on the stress horizon, and I’ve been managing my stress levels pretty well, so I think the culprit has got to be hormones.

Jeez Louise.

I’m feeling better today, though.  Today was my official cheat day.  I actually didn’t even feel like cheating today, so I think the hormonal I-gotta-eat-crap-and-I-gotta-eat-it-now thing has pretty much worked its way through my system.  Tomorrow morning I weigh myself and I’ll see what the damage is.  I hope there hasn’t been too much of a setback.  I imagine most of it would be water weight anyway, since it’s not like I ate a LOT of food.  Just the wrong kinds.  I especially ate more salty stuff than usual, which makes me retain water like nobody’s business.  So I’m crossing my fingers.

And the Other Stuff

This week I also started working in exercise with kettlebells.  I downloaded some videos from youtube so I could see what to do and how to do the proper forms (hopefully they’re proper forms–the people doing them claim to be this or that fitness expert or trainer or whatever, but really, I don’t know them from Adam or what their certifications and qualifications really are).

The first workout I did was about 7 minutes long.  It was mostly just to try out the different exercises and see how they felt and whether or not I had room to do them inside the truck.  I do have room inside the truck, since I’m a shortie.  If I was much taller, I don’t think I could get away with it.  BUT-it’s less claustrophobic to do it outside.  So this morning I did about 12 minutes next to my truck, using the truck to shade me from the sun!  While I worked out, some truck driver was leering at me and he honked at me as he was leaving.  Jerk.  Oh well.  Hope he enjoyed the show.

Twelve minutes isn’t very long, but feels like forever when you’re first getting started with kettlebells.  Whew!  I also discovered which exercises I think I would do better with a heaver weight.  I’m okay for now, but sometime in the next few weeks I would like to purchase a heaver bell.  They are just so expensive, though, it’s ridiculous!  On the plus side, they never really wear out.  Once you buy one, you’ll have that thing forever.

All in all, I’m still plugging along.  I’m hoping that I haven’t done too much damage and that I’ll still make my monthly goals.

More Other Stuff

I’m looking forward to coming home next week.  We celebrate my hubby’s birthday.  I also haven’t seen my daughter in over two months.  I miss her terribly.  Last month she was at Girl Scout Camp when I had my home time, so I missed out on getting to see her.  *snif*  I promised her that when I came home this time I would devote a day just for her and we would have a mommy-daughter day and that she should think of fun activities for us to do.  So far an art date is big on the list.  We talked about checking out some museums and then digging out my fancy art supplies and getting creative.  I’m looking forward to it!

I can’t wait until I can save up enough money for a car so that I can look for local work again.  I really miss my family.  But local work pretty much requires having wheels because most of the transportation jobs are located where the transit system is lacking decent service or shifts are after the service that exists stops for the night.  So, yeah.  I need a car.  I think a couple more months ought to do it, and then I should be able to go home.  I hope.  We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Great News, Cheat Week, and Other Stuff

  1. I love you guys. Holly, it’s great to hear from you. My diet? I made a decision to start dieting today. Today I ate a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Coffee buzz buzz buzz Ice cream. SO I start tomorrow.

    • OMG! Deb! Get thee behind me, thou temptress, thou agent of Satan! Do you know how much I LOVE Ben and Jerry’s? I miss it sooooo baaaaaad! It’s my one huge weakness when it comes to dessert. Okay, I have lots of huge weaknesses when it comes to dessert, but B&J’s in particular is a weakness. Two of my favorite flavors are Phish Food and Karamel Sutra. Yumm.

      Good for you for deciding to go on a diet, though. Changing eating habits is tough! Good luck with it!

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