Encouragement From Another Driver

Yesterday, I worked out at a rest area in the morning, since it was nice and cool then.  The rest area was a very pretty spot in Utah, with a lovely view and an even lovelier lawn.  I enjoyed my workout immensely, though it seriously kicked my behind.

When I was packing up my workout gear after I was finished, a cute man (boy!) approached me and asked if I was a driver.  I told him yes, and he commended me for working out and trying to make a difference in my health.

The man in question was a driver, too, (who coincidentally works at the same company as I do!) and it turns out he had been working out with his weight set over by his truck while I was working out and he saw what I was doing.  We ended up chatting for the next half hour, comparing notes on diet–what to eat and when–and types of exercise for different goals.  We both lamented the state of health of our fellow truck drivers.  This gentleman had fallen into the truck driving weight gain trap, too, and had since lost 60 pounds himself.

It was great to get such nice feedback from a fellow driver.  I wish I had asked him his name!  It completely slipped my mind.  But that was because I was extremely distracted, because he had his shirt off, and was displaying his hard-won physique!  If I admit I didn’t mind and I also point out that the man/boy was probably young enough that I could be his mother, does that make me a dirty old woman?    Fortunately, I was able to control my hormones and keep the ogling to a minimum.  Wouldn’t want to be indecent or anything.  But then, I suspect that the guys who are trying to do the bodybuilding thing kinda want that attention.  It’s affirmation that they look good.  Maybe?  Or am I way off base on that guess?

Anyway, my workout was good.  I bought a yoga workout DVD a while back and finally got around to trying it out.  It was a half an hour of stretching, and I couldn’t believe how much I was sore after that.  No aerobic activity, just serious stretching.  Oy.  I guess I really, really needed it.  So I’m going to work the yoga thing into my regular workout activity.

I also am discovering that I really like my kettlebells.  They pack a serious exercise punch.  They strengthen the stabilizer muscles (and the other muscles, too, but the stabilizer muscles are very important to help people keep from getting injured), sculpt and tone, and doing the kettlebell exercises is an awesome aerobic workout!  I’m finding I hardly touch my dumbbells anymore.  Every muscle group I could possibly want to work I do with my kettlebell routine, AND it really works my core muscles, too.  Best of all, they are time friendly, something very important to a driver on a tight schedule.  It doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to get a good workout using the kettlebells.  So, yeah.  I really like them.  I wish I had discovered them a long time ago.  I want to get some heavier ones and a couple of lighter ones, too.

Anyway, today marks my 8th week on this program.  I’ve lost 6.75 inches this month so far and 29.5 inches total.  My weight has pretty much stayed the same this month (up and down within a few pounds), so I wonder if I’m not re-distributing it into some muscle or gaining water or some such.  Since I’m still seeing losses on the measuring tape, I’m obviously losing SOMETHING.  We’ll see how I am on the 1st for my official two month weigh in.  I suspect I won’t make my pounds lost goal, but I will make the inches lost goal no problem.  Go figure.

Anyway, I’m still at it and still having a good time with it, though I have to admit crock pot food is starting to wear thin.  I want a nice stir fry, thank you very much.

I do have a small propane gas burner and could cook up a nice stir fry, but when I have done that (I made a shrimp stir fry a while back that was yummy), I discovered the effort of unpacking all that stuff from the truck, taking it outside so I don’t asphyxiate myself inside, putting it all together with all the different containers, cleaning said containers, cleaning pan and cooking implements and putting away everything, well, it ended up being a major ordeal.  It is not time-friendly and for someone who doesn’t have a sink, it is definitely not clean-up friendly.  What a major pain in the butt.  At least my crock pot is a snap to clean–take out the cooking bag I put the food in, and toss it.  Wipe out the inside with a wet wipe, and I’m good to go.  And with a half an hour of chopping and dumping ingredients into the pot, I have three meals.  Sigh.  It’s just that everything tastes the same after a while…

But, that’s a small price to pay.  What I’m doing is working so far and as long as it works and as long as I don’t go insane with the monotony of my food, I’m fine.

But if anybody has any good crock pot recipes that don’t use any kind of flour, sugar/honey/other sweetener, potatoes, milk or dairy, or fruit (exceptions are tomatoes, avocados & lemons), I’m all ears.  Oh, and whatever the recipe is, it has to have some kind of legume.  Lentils, black beans, pintos, kidney beans, white beans, refried beans, garbanzo beans, soybeans…whatever.  I don’t like lima beans, though.  Oh, and some kind of protein source.  Any lean meat or tofu is okay.  TVP is okay.  Fish and shrimp are usually not possible, unless I cook them the day I buy them, since they spoil too quickly.  PLEASE HELP!  I’m sick of my repertoire!

This is what I normally do:

One pot makes three servings, i.e. three meals for me.  Those three servings each have, on average:


2-3 oz of protein (usually some kind of meat or low fat/low sodium sausage), 1/2 cup legumes, and 2+ cups of vegetables of various types.

Today, I ate green cabbage, zucchini, onion, garlic, carrots, lentils and pork stew meat in no salt added chicken broth.  It was yummy, to be sure.  Yesterday I had some sort of Italian/Mexican fusion thingamabob.  And that’s the problem.  It’s all some kind of a thingamabob these days.



4 thoughts on “Encouragement From Another Driver

  1. I personally have never met anyone who works out that *doesn’t* want someone to look or take serious notice. Very cool that you found a kindred spirit, and congrats on your progress!

  2. One – crock pot is good, but NuWave oven is better – they have a mini one that is travel friendly (BedBathBEYOND carries it at full TV price but I am sure there are cheaper places around here to get it lol) – I use bagged frozen veggies no sauce – add a bit of olive oil and some meat and MAN you got DINNER 🙂 Especially with some of the seasoning blends they have out there. And don’t disparage the convenience of frozen – even DR’S agree with me – they usually have a higher nutrient content due to being flash frozen very shortly after picking.
    Two – as to the lack of weight loss so far – muscle weighs more than fat 🙂 period. After a while that built up muscle will rev up your metabolism and you will be amazed at how fast the pounds drop! Keep up the good work!

    • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that about the frozen veggies. I actually buy frozen spinach, brussels sprouts, and today I discovered frozen asparagus. I hope that works. I haven’t tried frozen asparagus before. The frozen veggies thaw in my cooler before I get a chance to eat them, but since I eat them the week I buy them, it’s not too big a deal. Some frozen veggies I have a textural problem with–cauliflower and broccoli, for example. When they freeze they feel different in my mouth and I don’t like them.

      I’ve heard of the NuWave oven. I saw that they make a travel one, but I’m not so sure of the clean up factor with it. It looked like it might be messy, if I’m remembering the right thing. But it did look like it made some nice chicken (or was that a turkey I saw on the infomercial? I don’t remember…).

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