January’s Thirty Day Challege

So this month has gotten off to a rocky start.  But, I’m still trying to do this anyway.  Hopefully the rest of the month will fly by a bit more smoothly than the first few days of this month.  It’s been a bit crazy!

I work graveyard shift.  Which means I sleep during the day when everybody else in my house is awake.  I asked my husband to adjust his schedule to graveyard, too, so that we can sleep at the same time.  But he still isn’t adjusted to it, and he has doctor’s appointments from time to time and I usually take him to those, which screws up my sleep schedule.  It gets rough getting enough sleep sometimes, and then it’s rough getting anything else done, too!

Despite that, I still want to salvage whatever I can from the rest of the month.  For those of you who don’t know, thirty day challenges are challenges to yourself to complete something over thirty days.  Maybe one big item that you break up over daily tasks, or something that you do repeat every day (this is usually what most people I talk to seem to do).

So here are mine for January:

#1 Clean up my email inbox.  Each day I’m going to unsubscribe from all the junk that I have somehow subscribed to over the years and don’t read anymore.  I figure if I delete 2-3 a day, I’ll get it all cleaned up by the end of the month.

#2  Walk a minimum of one mile every day.  Actually, I would like to walk at least three, but I’m starting small and plan to work my way up.

#3  Make my bed every night before I go to work.  I’ve done the making the bed challenge before, and doing so ended up with this becoming a habit and my room ended up cleaner as a result all the time.  However, since I’m back home from working long haul, I’ve gotten out of the habit and want to pick it back up again.

I’m starting small with January, since it this month is starting all whacked out.  Besides, I’m a bit rusty and easing my way back into the challenges is a good thing.

Do you have any thirty day challenges you’re working on?  You can start them mid-month, you know….

2 thoughts on “January’s Thirty Day Challege

  1. I’ve actually joined Random Acts of Kindness, and we get monthly challenges regarding, well, doing random acts of kindness. I’ve always liked your 30-Day Challenge idea, and I kinda take the “if Holly can, I can” approach. So…..I will finish “War and Peace” (which I started last week). That and my RAK challenges. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You’re welcome! I’ve never heard of a group called Random Acts of Kindness. That sounds like an awesome group to belong to!! I like doing random acts, and I think it is good for my daughter to see. I remember several times over the summer she saw me give food to people who were homeless–food that I had just bought for myself for lunch and instead of eating it, I gave it away to someone who looked like he or she needed it more than I did. I remember it really impressed her and she has since told me she wants to help people like that, too. Which makes me feel good that she’s taken something so positive away from our adventures this summer.

    But, yeah…random acts of kindness are great. (Off topic, but that would be a neat band name, don’t you think?) I’m glad I’ve inspired you to come up with your own list for the TDC’s, too. Maybe I’ll do some RAK’s, too!

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