Goals, 2015 Edition

Last week I talked about resolutions and that they are a part of making and completing goals.  I have a lot of goals.  Some are bucket list type goals and some are goals that are much smaller.  I like to break down big goals into smaller ones so that it feels like I am moving forward with each step.

I have a few bucket list type goals that I want to work on this year.  They are very big and I doubt I will complete them this year.  But I can break them down into smaller steps to pave the way for completing them.

Bucket List Item #1) Complete an Ironman Triathalon.  

This item has been kicking around in my head since my mid to late twenties.  I’ve never done one, but two years ago I started working toward that idea by walking 1100 miles in eight months and completing my first ever official half-marathon walk.  I even walked over 20 miles in one day.  In 2009 I took a trip where I walked and biked all the way across Oregon and on into Boise, ID.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, I learned that I could swim a mile and half without stopping.  Each item took me a while in training get me there.  But I know that I can do each.  I think with more training and perseverance I can do more.

My Goal:  To get myself started down the path toward completing an ironman, I’m going to work on completing more half-marathons.  I will do three official walking events before the year is out.  And I will complete at least one short duathalon.  Next year, as my physical progress gets better, I want to kick that up a notch. But, baby steps.  One thing at a time.

This means buying a bike that can hold me.  And paying for events.  This means pinching some pennies.  If I can’t do official races, I’ll do them on my own on the same day, if necessary.  But I really want those race numbers and T-shirts.  Somehow, having those means a lot.  I still have mine from my Forest Park Half Marathon and I treasure them.   Those were very hard-won.  I picked a mondo hard event for my first official race.  Trail running and walking is NOT easy, y’all.

Bucket List Item #2) Learn a Foreign Language.

I actually want to learn a whole host of languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Greek, Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Hawaiian for starters.  I have actually taken French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese at different junctures in middle school, high school and college.  But, I never took more than two years of any of them and without practice, have forgotten much of what I learned.  Over the summer, my daughter and I listened to Spanish audiobooks, because I thought learning it would be a good thing.

My Goal:  I will continue my learning of Spanish.  I am fortunate.  At my new job, we have at least three different people who speak Spanish and are from different Spanish-speaking countries.  So I’ll have guinea pigs to try out my phrasing with.  I will spend a half an hour a day or more working on my Spanish and practicing.  There are a number of free Spanish-language apps for phones and tablets (Busuu, Duolingo, among others).  I also have downloaded a number of audiobooks that are helpful.  I’m going to see if I can learn the language well enough just from them and by chatting with my co-workers.  If by this fall I feel like I need more instruction, I will sign up for Spanish at my local community college.

A half an hour a day adds up.  That’s 3 1/2 hours a week, which ends up being 182 hours of practice in a year.  That’s more than a month of working full time!  And since I know my obsessive self, when I’m on a roll, a half an hour is never enough.  My half hours usually end up being far more than that.

Bucket List Item #3) Start a Business.

This pesky item has been around on my list for years because I never know what to start or how I’m going to come up with the money to do it.  I’ve thought about finishing up some of my books and selling them, but I know making tons of money off of my books is probably not going to make me financially independent.

But it’s a start.

My Goal:  Finish writing at least one book that I have already started.  Then I will format it for an e-book and sell itI will also send my script out to agents and studios.  This is something I’ve not done out of fear of rejection. I don’t want to hear that I’m a hack.  How stupid is that?  It can’t be rejected if it doesn’t get out there, but it can’t be bought if it doesn’t get out there, either.  Ugh.  By doing all of this, it will show me that I CAN finish something.  That I CAN put something to market.  And that sending my work out to strangers won’t kill me. This will give me confidence to do more in the coming years.

Bucket List Item #4) Get healthy and fit.

This is something that has been on my mind a lot as I’ve watched my husband fall apart with his diabetes and renal failure and amputations.  I do not want to end up like that.  My first item on the goal list should go a long, long way toward helping me get healthy and fit.  But I need to be a little more specific, I think.  I want to STAY healthy and fit.

My Goal:  Changing my lifestyle will go a long way toward completion of this goal.  However, just saying I will change my lifestyle to eat more healthy isn’t specific or quantifiable enough.  However, I can say that I will lose 50 pounds and that I will walk 1200 miles before the year is up.  I can say that I will track my food on Calorie Count (an excellent free app for keeping track of just what your eating and what your nutrition looks like).

Bucket List Item #5) Travel.

I want to travel to practically every continent.  I dearly love travel–that’s why I was a trucker for five years!  But while I’ve driven all over the USA and much of Canada, I still haven’t experienced a whole lot of it. Watching the country go by outside of my window isn’t the same is BEING there.

My Goal:  To travel to at least one other state in our country and to go out of the country at least once, and both must be for pleasure, not work.  I don’t have much in the way of funds, so I’m not sure how I’m going to make this goal happen.  Maybe for an event?  I don’t know.  We’ll see how this one happens.

And that’s it.  I’ve got other, smaller goals, but those I think I’ll tackle in my thirty day challenges.

What are your goals for this year?

One thought on “Goals, 2015 Edition

  1. My friend Danny said he was ok most places he went in the world speaking Spanish, as there are so many Spanish-speaking countries or always someone he’s find who spoke Spanish. Your learn-a-language resolution is a great idea! I look forward to hearing more 🙂

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