No Wifi

So I’m having a heckuva time getting online this last week or so. My wifi only allows 6 gigs of data, which I can easily use all by my lonesome while barely even watching any streaming video or doing any internet gaming or whatever. But get my hubby on there, with his facebook video games and streaming John Wayne movies, and it’s used up two weeks before it is supposed to be.

I went to Freddie’s this morning, hoping to get online there and finally write up another blog post. I’ve been itching to write another one or two. But then, it took me over an hour of futzing with their wifi trying to get on, but it wouldn’t let me get to my blog. I was able to check my email reasonably quickly, and I even double checked to see if it accessed facebook. And no, I didn’t waste an hour on facebook and am now trying to use it as the excuse as to why I didn’t get a blog post done—I just verified that yes, I could navigate through it peachy keen and left it alone. This in itself is a minor miracle. But while somehow I was filled with the power to ignore facebook’s lure, I was unable to get onto my blasted blog!!!! So I’m posting it this evening from Burgerville. (I’m meeting another fellow blogger from Portland for the first time tonight—I’ll post about that, later.)

Grrrr. Internet problems are very annoying. I swear, I often wonder just what we did before the invention of the internet and computers.  Did we pass around stone rocks with notes scribbled on them, or something?  Hey, Gog–here, catch!  Since I can’t throw a rock very far, my words don’t seem to have the same weight.  Well, they might have weight to the person whose got them imprinted on their forehead from my rock…

So, just to let y’all know, I’m still alive and kickin’. I’ll post more after Friday, when I should get my internet all topped up again. This time I’ve made it clear to the hubster that if he uses up the data on my wifi again, I’ll sell him to the Gypsies. Or a circus. Or…wherever. There’s gotta be somebody who is willing to buy a moderately-used Hawaiian guy. He performs tricks, honest. Just ask him to pull your finger.

Maybe my irritation is fueled in part by the fact that I haven’t had any caffeine in over a week! Unless you count chocolate. Since I went to a graveyard shift, I’ve been sucking energy drinks and iced coffee down like no tomorrow. So, I’m kinda happy that I’ve knocked off the caffeine, and maybe I’ll try to be more understanding of the hubby. Yeah? Hm. I’ll think about it.

On a more positive note, the mouth is no longer hurting. The gaping hole left by the removal of one of my molars is healing up nicely. Yay!

Not so yay is the bill. That was a very expensive day health-wise. Between getting a tooth yanked, paying for the prescriptions for that and having to buy new glasses (and see the eye doc) because my other pair lost a lens, I spent about $575. The sucky thing is that my health insurance won’t go into effect until March and I couldn’t wait until then to do any of this. I’m lucky that I got paid that day. But still, bills like that set us back a LOT.

Hope your January has gone better than mine so far.

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