Blown Head Gasket=Public Transportation

Wednesday last week my car started blowing lots of steam from under the hood.  I stopped at a car parts store and bought some radiator fluid and radiator stop leak.  I put the fluid in and discovered that it was dripping out at a pretty constant rate.  I don’t recall seeing any steam before now, so I’m not sure how I never noticed that it was leaking.  At least I would think I would have seen puddles of radiator fluid on the ground.  But no.

I put the stop leak in, hoping that it do what the title says.  But no again.  So later on that afternoon, I took the car to the shop and asked them to take a look at it.  I got it there just before they closed, so they said they would look at it in the morning.

The next morning I get a call and find out the news: my car’s radiator pretty much blew up.  There was a very large leak and the whole thing needed to be replaced.  For that, the flush, the fluid, a new thermostat and various other little things, I was quoted $720.  I was also told that the stop leak I put in is one of the worst things you can do for the car, because it finds all sorts of little crevices and whatnot that you don’t want plugged and plugs them, too.  They said they would flush it out as best as they could.

So they called back that afternoon when they were finished and came back with even worse news.  The car started up fine, but once they drove it around the block for the test drive, apparently the stop leak plugged something up, creating pressure and now my head gasket is blown.  I talked to my dad, and he said, that yup, that very definitely could happen and that no, they weren’t trying to cheat me and that this is just one of those things.  The blown head gasket repair would cost more than the car is worth.


So now I’m in the market for a new car, with no money to buy one.  I had to buy two different cars last year as it was.  I bought one car and two months later it was stolen.  Then I bought this current one that is now dead.  I can’t afford to buy new (to me) cars all the time.

This is incredibly frustrating, to say the least.  I don’t know how long it is going to take me to save up the money to buy a new car and in the meantime I’m stuck taking transit.


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