TDC Update–The Water Exodus

My goodness!  I’ve been following my thirty day challenges since the beginning of the month.  I hadn’t planned to weigh myself more than once a week to keep track of my progress, but I couldn’t help myself.  I had to peek.  I felt like my pants were a little looser and my ankles didn’t look quite so swollen, so I figured I must have lost some water weight.  Not to mention I was peeing like every five minutes.

Yep.  I have definitely gotten rid of some excess fluid.  I’ve lost 8.6 lbs since Saturday.  That just seems soooo weird to me.  I mean, how on earth could I be holding on to soooo much water?

At least, I’m assuming most of that is water.  Unless I’m on the Biggest Loser with Jillian Michaels screaming at me, it’s not likely my exercise regimen is going to be burning off massive amounts of calories and fat right now.

It’s nice to have some shape to my ankles again.  They are starting to look more ankle-ish and not wood barrel-ish.

The interesting thing about the loss of all this water is that I’ve been drinking lots more water, too.  I didn’t have that on my Thirty Day Challenges, but I’ve been wanting to drink more water than I was, so I have been.  When you drink more, your body tends to store less.  I also tend to drink more water anyway, when I’m eating better.  No wonder I have been peeing so often.

Funny how my Thirty Day Challenges tend to effect other things that I do, too.  Like when I first started doing them, I challenged myself to make my bed every day.  Once I started doing that, I noticed how shabby everything else looked in comparison to the freshly made bed and so I started picking up this and that, vacuuming, etc.  So while I only challenged myself to do one little thing, in the end it became something that changed how I behaved in my whole bedroom.

Same thing applies here, I think.  I challenge myself to remember to take my supplements, log my food and walk everyday, and suddenly I’m drinking water like a fish, too.

It’s a side effect I can live with.

What about you?  Do your challenges end up changing your behavior in other areas you didn’t expect?

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