My 2009 Walk

The plan: to walk across America.  Where I started: Heceta Beach, Florence, Oregon.  Where I stopped: 13 miles west of Santiam Pass, on highway 126.  I resumed that point on my bicycle a few months later and rode my bike on into Boise, Idaho.

My family came along in the support vehicle.  Unfortunately, we had to stop for a number of reasons.  My husband’s health is one reason; he has type II diabetes and only a few months after we came back, he suffered kidney failure and had to go on dialysis.  I am thankful this didn’t happen while we were on the road.  Other reasons include our finances and our desire to go back to school, homeschooling our daughter on the trip was more difficult to manage that we expected.  In addition, one month into our trip, my camera and most of my footage was stolen.  I was devastated.

However, I still had my Sony digital camera and my flip video.  These are some of the photos I managed to take.  So many wonderful memories!

3 thoughts on “My 2009 Walk

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