Physical Transformation

Best way to measure progress!

Best way to measure progress!

This page is where I will be keeping track of my physical transformation over the coming months.  Check it frequently, because I will be updating it every week!  My goal is to astound you with the diminishing body measurements and increasing inches lost measurements!  Support is WELCOME and wanted.  Having a cheer leading section is a huge help and encouragement!


Front view.


Back view.


Side view.

Can I say how painful this is?  Really, really painful?  And how I had to take extra heaping tablespoonfuls of courage to post this?

Well, no physical transformation can go without a beginning, and this is it.  I didn’t have anybody to help me take photos, so I used a mirror in a Pilot Truck Stop shower room.  Very handy!

I should have taken these types of photos last year before I started all that walking, because I was 40+ pounds heavier then.  But the thought of doing so mortified me beyond belief.  For our purposes these photos, which I took on July 1st, will do.  That is the day I started my diet, and that is the day I will be calculating my progress from.  Yes, that IS a flowery bra and not a swimsuit I’m wearing.  But I don’t much care because they cover up the exact same things.  Why folks need to be modest for one and not the other is beyond me.

But to business….


  • Weight: 282.2
  • Height: 62.5
  • Neck: 16.5
  • Bust: 55
  • Waist: 51
  • Navel: 56.5
  • Hips: 59.25
  • Right Bicep: 16.25
  • Right Forearm: 11
  • Left Bicep: 16.25
  • Left Forearm: 11
  • Right Thigh: 28.5
  • Left Thigh: 27.5
  • Right Calf: 17.25
  • Left Calf: 17.25
  • Wrist: 7.5
  • Ankle: 9.75
  • Total body measurements: 400.75
  • BMI: 50.57

OUCH.  Okay, that’s even more painful than the photos.


I will be posting the differences in measurements each time I measure, so you can see what I lose each time (or gain–gulp!).  I will also be posting whenever I weigh myself, so you can see differences, there, too.  Once every three months, I’ll post the new total measurements.  (On a side note–anybody know how to post a chart on a wordpress post?  That would make visualizing this at a glance so much easier!)

When I finally get a chance to get a real, live body composition analysis test done, I’ll post the results of that here, as well.  I want to do those every few months, if I can.  Trucking makes arranging that sort of thing difficult, but if there is a way to do it, I will!

Monthly Goal:  lose 6 lbs and 5 1/2 inches per month.

The idea here is to keep myself completely accountable.  Thus publicly stating my goals!

(I realize that inches coming off as I lose more weight will be more difficult, but when that happens, I’ll revisit my goals and see if anything needs to change.  But this, as a goal, should work just fine for now!)


This is in reverse chronological order, with the most recent measurements in inches on top.  Also, I will be including my weight and BMI changes each week (I bought a scale around the end of week three to lug around with me on the truck from here on out–yay(?)).

7/29/13-End week 4

  • Since 7/22/13: 3.08
  • Month of July: 20
  • Overall: 20
  • Weight 270.8
  • BMI: 48.73

7/22/13-End week 3

  • Since 7/15/13: 2.67
  • Month of July: 16.92
  • Overall: 16.92
  • Weight: 274 lbs (for a loss of 7.8 lbs since the first!)
  • BMI: 49.31

7/15/13-End week 2

  • Since 7/8/13: 2
  • Month of July: 14.25
  • Overall: 14.25

Wow!  Things are starting to slow down to a more “normal” level, I’m guessing, now that the first week water drop has finished.  I imagine from here on out the numbers will be more gradual.  Though losing “only” two inches in a week is still nothing to sneeze at!!

7/8/13-End week 1

  • Since 7/5/13:  6.58
  • Month of July:  12.25
  • Overall:  12.25

Yesterday I noticed my arms seemed much smaller.  And the space between the steering wheel and my gut seemed bigger, too.  Now I know I wasn’t imagining it!


  • Since 7/1/13:  5.67
  • Month of July:  5.67
  • Overall:  5.67

I already blew past my monthly goal!  But I know this is not going to continue at that rate.  The first week or so of a diet are always the biggest loss times.

2 thoughts on “Physical Transformation

    • Thank you! So far so good. I have a hard time keeping up with the darn blog because I don’t get access to the internet often, but I try. I need to do an update post desperately, lol!

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